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The European Conference of the Prognostics and Health Management (PHM) Society is held in the spring of even years (starting in 2012) and brings together the global community of PHM experts from industry, academia, and government in diverse application areas including energy, aerospace, transportation, automotive, manufacturing, and industrial automation.

All articles published by the PHM Society are available to the global PHM community via the internet for free and without any restrictions.

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Edited by:

Phuc Do

Steve King

Olga Fink

ISBN: 978-1-936263-34-9

Published: 2021-06-29

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PHME 2021 Management Team, Publisher Information and Table of Contents

Indranil Roychoudhury
Abstract 47 | PDF Downloads 98

Technical Papers

Embedding Diagnosability of Complex Industrial Systems Into the Design Process Using a Model-Based Methodology

Leonardo Barbini, Carmen Bratosin, Thomas Nägele
Abstract 63 | PDF Downloads 93

Page 9

Unsupervised Anomaly Detection for Hard Drives

Enrico Barelli, Ennio Ottaviani
Abstract 41 | PDF Downloads 78

Page 7

Optimal Service Points (OSP) for PHM Enabled Condition Based Maintenance for Oil and Gas Applications

Atuahene Barimah, Octavian Niculita, Don McGlinchey, Babakalli Alkali
Abstract 146 | PDF Downloads 82

Page 15

Hybrid Approach for Health Monitoring of Mud Motor Fleet

Dmitry Belov, Zhengxin Zhang, Wei Chen, Yuelin Shen, Samba Ba, Anton Kolyshkin, Sergio Daniel Rocchio, Daniel Viassolo
Abstract 199 | PDF Downloads 101

Page 10

Page 11

Data-Driven Fault Detection Method for Electronic Boards in Intelligent Remote Dual-Valve System

Saransh Bhatnagar, Mathilde Lemanissier Cassou, Zeina Al Masry, Ahmed Mosallam
Abstract 151 | PDF Downloads 97

Page 7

An Adaptive Framework For Remaining Useful Life Predictions Of Aircraft Systems

Marie Bieber, Wim J.C. Verhagen, Bruno F. Santos
Abstract 170 | PDF Downloads 100

Page 11

Semi-automated Estimation of Reliability Measures from MaintenanceWork Order Records

Tyler Bikaun, Melinda Hodkiewicz
Abstract 100 | PDF Downloads 104

Page 9

Wavelet Scattering Network Based Bearing Fault Detection

Taoufik Bourgana, Robert Brijder, Ted Ooijevaar, Agusmian Partogi Ompusunggu
Abstract 105 | PDF Downloads 117

Page 8

Qualifying Evaluations from Human Operators: Integrating Sensor Data with Natural Language Logs

Michael P Brundage, Michael Sharp, Radu Pavel
Abstract 42 | PDF Downloads 62

Page 9

Learning Representations with End-to-End Models for Improved Remaining Useful Life Prognostic

Alaaeddine Chaoub, Alexandre Voisin, Christophe Cerisara, Benoit Iung
Abstract 60 | PDF Downloads 67

Page 8

The Impact of Data Quality on Maintenance Work Order Analysis: A Case Study in Historical HVAC Maintenance Work Orders

Anna Conte, Coline Bolland, Lynn Phan, Michael Brundage, Thurston Sexton
Abstract 74 | PDF Downloads 69

Page 11

Model-based Remaining-Useful-Life prognostics for aircraft Cooling Units

Ingeborg de Pater, Mihaela Mitici
Abstract 2317 | PDF Downloads 152

Page 8

Requirements for Designing A Robotic System for Aircraft Wing Fuel Tank Inspection

Manpreet Haur Dhoot, Ip- Shing Fan, Nico Avdelidis
Abstract 73 | PDF Downloads 60

Page 12

Page 15

Age and Condition-Based Preventive Replacement Timing for Periodic Aircraft Maintenance Checks

Floris Freeman, Paul van Kessel, Wim Verhagen
Abstract 4107 | PDF Downloads 1315

Page 12

Canonical polyadic decomposition and deep learning for machine fault detection

Gaëtan Frusque, Michau Gabriel, Fink Olga
Abstract 40 | PDF Downloads 88

Page 9

Data-Driven Capability-based Health Monitoring Method for Automative Manufacturing

Alexandre Gaffet, Pauline Ribot, Elodie Chanthery, Nathalie Barbosa Roa, Christophe Merle
Abstract 44 | PDF Downloads 54

Page 12

An Operational Availability Optimization Model Based on the Integration of Predictive and Scheduled Maintenance

Danilo Garcia Figueiredo-Pinto, Ip-Shing Fan, Abrahão
Abstract 3695 | PDF Downloads 267

Page 11

A Flexible Data Management System for the Analysis of an Electro- Mechanical Actuator on a Test Bench

Roberto González Velázquez, Iñaki Bravo-Imaz, Kerman López de Calle - Etxabe, Aitor Arnaiz
Abstract 51 | PDF Downloads 59

Page 8

Automated and Rapid Seal Wear Classification Based on Acoustic Emission and Support Vector Machine

Surya. T. Kandukuri, Vignesh. V. Shanbhag, Thomas. J. J. Meyer, Leo. W. Caspers, Nadia. S. Noori, Rune Schlanbusch
Abstract 48 | PDF Downloads 59

Page 8

Towards a Digital Twin Enabled Multifidelity Framework for Small Satellites

Anastasios Kontaxoglou, Seiji Tsutsumi, Samir Khan, Shinichi Nakasuka
Abstract 46 | PDF Downloads 129

Page 10

Securing Deep Learning Models with Autoencoder based Anomaly Detection

Joana Kühne, Christian März, Clemens G¨uhmann
Abstract 114 | PDF Downloads 93

Page 13

A Deep Support Vector Data Description Method for Anomaly Detection in Helicopters

Chenyu Liu, Konstantinos Gryllias
Abstract 128 | PDF Downloads 107

Page 9

Robust Model-Based Fault Detection Using Monte-Carlo Methods and Highest Density Regions

Felix Mardt, Frank Thielecke
Abstract 49 | PDF Downloads 54

Page 11

Evaluation of ML Algorithms for System Dynamics Identification of Aircraft Pressure Control System

Petr Mukhachev, Zhdan Sukhov, Tagir Sadretdinov, Anton Ivanov
Abstract 42 | PDF Downloads 55

Page 7

Evaluating word representations in a technical language processing pipeline

Ajay Varma Nandyala, Sarah Lukens, Sundaram Rathod, Pratiksha Agarwal
Abstract 136 | PDF Downloads 105

Page 17

Lean Blowout Sensing and Processing via Optical Interferometry and Wavelet Analysis of Dynamic Pressure Data

Gianluca Nicchiotti, Krzysztof Solinski, Fabrice Giuliani
Abstract 34 | PDF Downloads 40

Page 11

Technical Language Processing for Efficient Classification of Failure Events for Safety Critical Equipment

Maria Vatshaug Ottermo, Solfrid Håbrekke, Stein Hauge, Lars Bodsberg
Abstract 57 | PDF Downloads 55

Page 9

Rapid Material Characterization using Smart Skin with functional Data Analysis

Rajendra Prasath Palanisamy, Subrata Mukherjee, Mahmood Haq, Yiming Deng
Abstract 46 | PDF Downloads 64

Page 7

Algorithmically Exploiting the Knowledge Accumulated in Textual Domains for Technical Support

Daniele Pau, Isaia Tarquini, Matteo Iannitelli, Carmine Allegorico
Abstract 74 | PDF Downloads 61

Page 12

Multiple-Model Estimation-based Prognostics for Rotating Machinery

Junyu Qi, Konstantinos Gryllias, Alexandre Mauricio
Abstract 44 | PDF Downloads 67

Page 11

Diagnosing the Stage of COVID-19 using Machine Learning on Breath Sounds

Chinmayi Ramasubramanian
Abstract 126 | PDF Downloads 76

Page 12

Harmonic Drive Gear Failures in Industrial Robots Applications: An Overview

Andrea Raviola, Andrea De Martin, Roberto Guida, Giovanni Jacazio, Stefano Mauro, Massimo Sorli
Abstract 166 | PDF Downloads 341

Page 11

Bearings Fault Detection Using Hidden Markov Models and Principal Component Analysis Enhanced Features

Akthem Rehab, Islam Ali, Walid Gomaa, M. Nashat Fors
Abstract 95 | PDF Downloads 125

Page 11

Data Selection Criteria for the Application of Predictive Maintenance to Centrifugal Pumps

Núbia N. A. Silveira, Richard Loendersloot, Annemieke A. Meghoe, Tiedo Tinga
Abstract 46 | PDF Downloads 71

Page 9

Data Analytics Methodology for Construction of Fouling Prognostic Indicators: Towards Cost-Effective Maintenance Scheduling

Moncef Soualhi, Ahmed Ragab, T. P. Khanh Nguyen, Kamal Medjaher, Hakim Ghezzaz, Mouloud Amazouz
Abstract 48 | PDF Downloads 63

Page 8

Bayesian Vehicle Fleet Survival Analysis based onWorkshop-Service Data

Simon Steinberg, Wolf Baumann, Rene Gegusch, Philipp Schmiechen, Dominik G¨utermann
Abstract 51 | PDF Downloads 66

Page 9

A Probabilistic Similarity Based Modeling Approach for Turbomachine Fault Prediction

Weijian Tang, Xiaomo Jiang, Haixin Zhao, Qing Chen, Yunqing Gong
Abstract 46 | PDF Downloads 76

Page 9

Fault Detection and Condition Monitoring in District Heating Using Smart Meter Data

Felix Theusch, Patrick Klein, Ralph Bergmann, Wolfgang Wilke, Wolfgang Bock, Adrian Weber
Abstract 81 | PDF Downloads 105

Page 11

A Natural Language Processing method for the identification of the factors influencing road accident severity

Dario Valcamonico, Piero Baraldi, Francesco Amigoni, Enrico Zio
Abstract 69 | PDF Downloads 62

Page 12

Domain Adaptations for Guided Wave SHM of Composites: Towards Fleet Monitoring

Sebastiaan van Baars Buisman, Gabriel Michau, René Alderliesten, Olga Fink
Abstract 34 | PDF Downloads 91

Page 9

An Assessment of the Economic Viability of Engine Wash Procedures on the Lifecycle Costs of an Aircraft Fleet.

Jennifer Wehrspohn, Ahmad Ali Pohya, Kai Wicke
Abstract 94 | PDF Downloads 90

Page 14

Metalworking Fluid Classification Based on Acoustic Emission Signals and Convolutional Neural Network

Xiao Wei, Anna Lena Demmerling, Dirk Söffker
Abstract 39 | PDF Downloads 74

Page 6

Real-time Diagnosis Of Physical Failures Using Causation-based AI

Navid Zaman, Evan Apostolou, Yan Li, Patrick Conroy
Abstract 50 | PDF Downloads 61

Page 7

Generative Adversarial Networks used for latent space Optimization: a comparative study for the Classification of Partial Discharge Sources

Ryad Zemouri, Mélanie Lévesque, Olivier Kokoko, Claude Hudon
Abstract 66 | PDF Downloads 42

Page 10

Transfer Learning Approaches for Wind Turbine Fault Detection using Deep Learning

Jannik Zgraggen, Markus Ulmer, Eskil Jarlskog, Gianmarco Pizza, Lilach Goren Huber
Abstract 131 | PDF Downloads 112

Page 12

Remaining Useful Life Prediction of Turbo Actuators for Predictive Maintenance of Diesel Engines

Devawrat Bhave, Deepa Tavargeri Adiga, Nilesh Powar, Thomas Mckinley
Abstract 136 | PDF Downloads 118

Page 11

Data Challenge Winners

Rule-based Diagnostics of a Production Line

Osarenren Kennedy Aimiyekagbon, Lars Muth, Meike Wohlleben, Amelie Bender, Walter Sextro
Abstract 82 | PDF Downloads 92

Page 10

Ensemble of LSTM Networks for Fault Detection, Classification, and Root Cause Identification in Quality Control Line

Gurkan Aydemir, Adem Avcı, Mustafa Kocakulak, Tahir Bekiryazıcı
Abstract 117 | PDF Downloads 94

Page 6

Divide, Propagate and Conquer: Splitting a Complex Diagnosis Problem for Early Detection of Faults in a Manufacturing Production Line

Kerman López de Calle - Etxabe, Meritxell Gómez - Omella, Eider Garate - Perez
Abstract 111 | PDF Downloads 108

Page 9

Fault Detection and Classification for Robotic Test-bench

Kürşat İnce, Uğur Ceylan, Nazife Nur Erdoğmuş, Engin Sirkeci, Yakup Genc
Abstract 78 | PDF Downloads 90

Page 7