About the Journal

The flagship publication of the PHM Society is the open online journal entitled the International Journal of Prognostics and Health Management (IJPHM). The Journal has established a fast paced, yet rigorous peer-review policy. The Journal intends to publish original papers within 8-12 weeks of initial submission, much faster than what is possible with traditional print media.

Current Issue

Published: 2023-01-16

Technical Papers

Validation of a Physics-based Prognostic Model with Incomplete Data

Annemieke Meghoe, Richard Loendersloot, Tiedo Tinga
Abstract 299 | PDF Downloads 218

Unsupervised Probabilistic Anomaly Detection Over Nominal Subsystem Events Through a Hierarchical Variational Autoencoder

Alexandre Trilla, Nenad Mijatovic, Xavier Vilasis-Cardona
Abstract 54 | PDF Downloads 65

A Method to Detect and Isolate Brake Rotor Thickness Variation and Corrosion

Hamed Kazemi, Xinyu Du, Hossein Sadjadi
Abstract 211 | PDF Downloads 252

Cross-domain Transfer of Defect Features in Technical Domains Based on Partial Target Data

tobias_schlagenhauf, Tim Scheurenbrand
Abstract 31 | PDF Downloads 54

Predictive Diagnosis in Axial Piston Pumps

Oliver Gnepper, Hannes Hitzer, Olaf Enge-Rosenblatt
Abstract 256 | PDF Downloads 203