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The annual Conference of the Prognostics and Health Management (PHM) Society is held each autum in North America and brings together the global community of PHM experts from industry, academia, and government in diverse application areas including energy, aerospace, transportation, automotive, manufacturing, and industrial automation.

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Current Issue

Edited by:

Chetan Kulkarni and Abhinav Saxena

Published: 2022-10-28

Technical Research Papers

A Dataset for Fault Classification in Rock Drills, a Fast Oscillating Hydraulic System

Erik Jakobsson, Erik Frisk, Mattias Krysander, Robert Pettersson
Abstract 163 | PDF Downloads 136

A Data Quality Scorecard for Assessing the Suitability of Asset Condition Data for Prognostics Modeling

Sarah Lukens, Damon Rousis, Travis Baer, Michael Lujan, Marshall Smith
Abstract 187 | PDF Downloads 164 Slides (PDF) Downloads 28

Critical Components' Selection Methodology of a Microgripper for Intracorporeal Surgery

Liseth Pasaguayo, Zeina Al Masry, Sergio Lescano, Noureddine Zerhouni
Abstract 107 | PDF Downloads 102

Remaining useful life estimation of turbofan engines using adaptive fault detection learning

Moncef Soualhi, K Nguyen, Kamal Medjaher, N Zerhouni
Abstract 185 | PDF Downloads 185

Self adaptive learning scheme for Fault prognosis in oil wells and production & service lines

Aymen Harrouz, Houari Toubakh, Redouane Kafi, Moamar Sayed-Mouchaweh, Hajer Salem
Abstract 131 | PDF Downloads 92

Integration of Nonlinear Dynamics and Machine learning for Diagnostics of a Single-Stage Gear Box

Ahmad Alqawasmi, Turki Haj Mohamad, Amirhassan Abbasi, Prashant N. Kambali, C. Nataraj
Abstract 187 | PDF Downloads 150

A Discussion on the Differences Between the Cyclic Spectral Correlation and Coherence for Cyclostationarity-Based Condition Monitoring

Kayacan Kestel, Cédric Peeters, Jérôme Antoni, Quentin Léclere, Franc ̧ois Girardin, Robert Brijder, Jan Helsen
Abstract 180 | PDF Downloads 131

Remaining Useful Life Prediction using Gaussian Process Regression Model

Katarina Vuckovic, Shashvat Prakash
Abstract 263 | PDF Downloads 212

Interpretable Neural Network with Limited Weights for Constructing Simple and Explainable HI using SHM Data

Morteza Moradi, Panagiotis Komninos, Rinze Benedictus, Dimitrios Zarouchas
Abstract 294 | PDF Downloads 130

Variable Perturbation Based Fault Diagnosis for Industrial Process

Tanmaya Singhal, Kuldeep Singh, Kalyani Zope, Sri Harsha Nistala, Venkataramana Runkana
Abstract 133 | PDF Downloads 114

Unsupervised Data-Driven Approach for Fault Diagnostic of Spacecraft Gyroscope

Hicham Henna, Houari Toubakh, Mohamed Redouane KAFI, Moamar Sayed MOUCHAWEH
Abstract 119 | PDF Downloads 104

ML Detection and Isolation of Functional Failures using Syndrome Diagnostics

Yan Li, Daniel Chan, Navid Zaman, Evan Apostolou, Paddy Conroy
Abstract 134 | PDF Downloads 127

Investigation of the Vibration Induced Harness Failure

Yan Chen, Zaffir Chaudhry, William Luker, Marek Zajac
Abstract 110 | PDF Downloads 111

Data Analytics and Visualization Application for Asset Health Monitoring

Richard Carley, Sara Fuller, William Bond, Parker Jones, David Allen, Adam Jordan, Terrill Falls
Abstract 1466 | PDF Downloads 136

A Statistical Classification Approach to Valve Condition Monitoring Using Pressure Features

Jacob Chesnes, Jason Kolodziej, Daniel Nelson
Abstract 115 | PDF Downloads 138

Development of an End State Vision to Implement Digital Monitoring in Nuclear Plants

Cody Walker, Vivek Agarwal, Pradeep Ramuhalli, Nancy Lybeck
Abstract 102 | PDF Downloads 90

Generating Semantic Matches Between Maintenance Work Orders for Diagnostic Decision Support

Syed Meesam Raza Naqvi, Mohammad Ghufran, Safa Meraghni, Christophe Varnier, Jean-Marc Nicod, Noureddine Zerhouni
Abstract 134 | PDF Downloads 123

Feasibility of Low-cost Vibration Monitoring for Ground Vehicles

Abu Islam, Matthew Sullivan, Sean McConky, Michael Thurston, Adam Agosti, Nenad Nenadic
Abstract 133 | PDF Downloads 123

Developing Deep Learning Models for System Remaining Useful Life Predictions: Application to Aircraft Engines

Timothy Darrah, Andreas Lovberg, Jeremy Frank, Gautam Biswas, Marcos Quinones-Gruiero
Abstract 408 | PDF Downloads 144

A Control Approach to Fault Disambiguation

Ion Matei, Maksym Zhenirovsky, Johan de Kleer, Kai Goebel
Abstract 129 | PDF Downloads 113

Wheel Bearing Fault Detection for Automobiles using Wheel Speed Sensor

Samba Drame, Graeme Garner, Hossein Sadjadi, Xinyu Du
Abstract 148 | PDF Downloads 117

Predictive System Reconfiguration for Fulfillment of Future Mission Requirements

Bruno Paes Leao, Justinian Rosca, David Fecek, Karl Reichard, Xianyong Feng
Abstract 124 | PDF Downloads 92

Multi-Kernel based Adaptive Support Vector Machine for Scalable Predictive Maintenance

Koushik Manjunatha, Vivek Agarwal
Abstract 112 | PDF Downloads 98

A Methodology for Online Sensor Recalibration

Ramuhalli Pradeep, Michael Muhlheim, Askin Guler Yigitoglu, Alex Huning, Abhinav Saxena
Abstract 138 | PDF Downloads 105

Integrated Vehicle Health Monitoring on a Truck

Eric Bechhoefer, Joelle Kessler
Abstract 138 | PDF Downloads 111

Evaluation of NVIDIA Jetson System for Vibration HUMS

Nenad Nenadic, Christopher Valant, Sean McConky, Michael Thurston, Patrick Horney, Allen Jones
Abstract 115 | PDF Downloads 129

An Ontology for Prognostic Health Management in Spacecraft Avionics

Michael Cullen Halvorson, Noah Moyers, I. Dale Thomas
Abstract 145 | PDF Downloads 101

Application of Convolutional and Feedforward Neural Networks for Fault Detection in Particle Accelerator Power Systems

Majdi Radaideh, Chris Pappas, Pradeep Ramuhalli, Sarah Cousineau
Abstract 172 | PDF Downloads 105

Mixed Initiative Approach for Reliable Tagging of Maintenance Records with Machine Learning

Naresh Iyer, Nurali Virani, Zhaoyuan Yang, Abhinav Saxena
Abstract 202 | PDF Downloads 144

A Transfer Learning-Based Rolling Bearing Fault Diagnosis Across Machines

Dandan Peng, Chenyu Liu, Konstantinos Gryllias
Abstract 254 | PDF Downloads 145

A Data-Driven Snapshot Method for State of Health Modelling and Diagnostics of Maritime Battery Systems

Erik Vanem, Maximilian Bruch, Qin Liang, David Vicente Reyes Gonzalez, Øystein Åsheim Alnes
Abstract 196 | PDF Downloads 116

A Causal Approach to Integrate Component Health Data into System Reliability Models

Diego Mandelli, Congjian Wang
Abstract 83 | PDF Downloads 80 Slides (PDF) Downloads 4

Equipment Vibration Condition Monitoring Technology Based on Spectrum Image Deep Learning Models

Gun Sik Kim, Deog Hyeon Kim, Jae Min Lee, Jin Woo Park
Abstract 107 | PDF Downloads 115

Fault Injection Method and Ground-truth Development to Enable a Low-cost Bearing Fault Monitoring System in the Automotive Industry

Ehsan Jafarzadeh, Dezhi Li, Sara Rahimifard, Paola Sant Anna, Yu Cao, Hossein Sadjadi
Abstract 81 | PDF Downloads 48

A Model Based Approach to Extract Health Information from Textual Data

Diego Mandelli, Congjian Wang
Abstract 94 | PDF Downloads 100 Slides (PDF) Downloads 15

A Framework to Rank Prognostics Health Indicators with Application to Brake Rotors

Hamed Kazemi, Xinyu Du, Hossein Sadjadi
Abstract 116 | PDF Downloads 78

A Novel Technique for Data Quality Improvement in Human Health PHM

John Taco, Brandon Foreman, Pradeep Kundu, Jay Lee
Abstract 156 | PDF Downloads 103

TireEye: Optical On-board Tire Wear Detection

Sebastian Huber, Peter Preindl, Johannes Betz
Abstract 151 | PDF Downloads 151

Learning Data-Driven Model of Damped Coupled Oscillators from System Impulse Response

Jacob Fabro, Gregory W. Vogl, Yongzhi Qu, Reese Eischens
Abstract 96 | PDF Downloads 111

Accelerometer-Based Bearing Condition Indicator Estimation Using Semi-Supervised Adaptive DSVDD

Maarten Meire, Robert Brijder, Gert Dekkers, Peter Karsmakers
Abstract 143 | PDF Downloads 111

Enabling in-time prognostics with surrogate modeling through physics-enhanced Dynamic Mode Decomposition method

Katelyn Jarvis, Matteo Corbetta, Christopher Teubert, Stefan Schuet
Abstract 138 | PDF Downloads 134

A Framework for Evaluating Analytic Hyperparameters

Shashvat Prakash, Antoni Brzoska, Sanket Amin
Abstract 86 | PDF Downloads 86

Probabilistic Safety Assessment in Composite Materials using BNN by ABC-SS

Juan Fernández, Juan Chiachío, Manuel Chiachío, Ali Saleh
Abstract 141 | PDF Downloads 99

Voltage-Based Physical Layer Fault Diagnosis for Controller Area Network

Alaeddin Bani Milhim, Hadyan Ramadhan, Hamed Kazemi, Xinyu Du, Shengbing Jiang, Hossein Sadjadi
Abstract 125 | PDF Downloads 77

Physics Informed Deep Learning for Tracker Fault Detection in Photovoltaic Power Plants

Jannik Zgraggen, Yuyan Guo, Antonio Notaristefano, Lilach Goren Huber
Abstract 247 | PDF Downloads 143

Evaluating Vector Representations of Short Text Data for Automating Recommendations of Maintenance Cases

Akshay Peshave, Kareem Aggour, Asma Ali, Varish Mulwad, Sharad Dixit, Abhinav Saxena
Abstract 164 | PDF Downloads 94

Unsupervised Anomaly Detection Using Batteries in Electric Aerial Vehicle Propulsion Test-Bed

John Pace, Jubilee Prasad Rao, Jesse Williams, Liang He
Abstract 167 | PDF Downloads 149

Improving the Performance of Bearing Fault Detection on a Turbo Shaft Engine

Eric Bechhoefer, Joshua Kethan
Abstract 151 | PDF Downloads 139

Data Challenge Papers

Domain Adaptation based Fault Diagnosis under Variable Operating Conditions of a Rock Drill

Yong Chae Kim, Taehun Kim, Jin Uk Ko, Jinwook Lee, Keon Kim
Abstract 180 |

Feature Design, Selection, and Model Optimization for Fault Classification in a Hydraulic Rock Drill

Jose Montoya-Bedoya, Russell Graves, Shyam Joshi, Mahaveer Satra
Abstract 86 |

A Hybrid Approach of Data-Driven and Signal Processing-Based Methods for Fault Diagnosis of Hydraulic Rock Drill

Hye Jun Oh, Jinoh Yoo, Sangkyung Lee, Minseok Chae, Jongmin Park, Byeng D Youn
Abstract 137 |

Doctoral Symposium Summaries

Poster Presentations

Novel Model-Based Decision Support System for Reliable Human Machine Systems in Complex Situations

Abderahman Bejaoui, Chao He, Dirk Söffker
Abstract 52 | PDF Downloads 30

Self-supervised Learning for Efficient Remaining Useful Life Prediction

Wilhelm Söderkvist Vermelin, Andreas Lövberg, Konstantinos Kyprianidis
Abstract 118 | PDF Downloads 78

Towards Bearings Prognostics Based on Oil Debris

Orel Portal, Jacob Bortman
Abstract 93 | PDF Downloads 57

Data Driven Condition Monitoring Based on a Digital Twin for a Linear Actuator Realized As a Closed Hydraulic System

Kurt Pichler, Paul Foschum, Rainer Haas, Johannes Schwacke
Abstract 64 | PDF Downloads 59

Unsupervised Machine Learning and Data mining Techniques for Telematics data to uncover fault behaviour

Gaurav Khadse, Ravi Jambhale, Deepa Tavargeri Adiga, Prasanna P Tagare, Nilesh Powar
Abstract 179 | PDF Downloads 116

FliPSi: Generating Data for the Training of Machine Learning Algorithms for CPPS

Maria Krantz, Niklas Widulle, Anna Nordhausen, Artur Liebert, Jonas Ehrhardt, Sebastian Eilermann, Oliver Niggemann
Abstract 102 | PDF Downloads 56

Corrosion Risk Estimation and Cause Analysis on Turbofan Engine

Jérôme Lacaille, Raphaël Langhendries
Abstract 60 | PDF Downloads 46

Federated Learning on Tamperproof Data for PHM on Marine Vessels Using a Docker Based Infrastructure

Nikita Karandikar, Knut Erik Knutsen, Shuai Wang, Grunde Løvoll
Abstract 277 | PDF Downloads 54

Leveraging Within-Bank Comparison for Anomaly Detection, Diagnostics, and Prognostics in Advanced Nuclear Power Plants

Nicholas Fullilove, Daniel Dos Santos, Abhinav Saxena, Jamie Coble
Abstract 110 | PDF Downloads 58

The PHM Digital Hierarchy of Needs

Joseph Barta, Ethan Erlhoff, Dania Alfeerawi
Abstract 144 | PDF Downloads 309