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The annual Conference of the Prognostics and Health Management (PHM) Society is held each autum in North America and brings together the global community of PHM experts from industry, academia, and government in diverse application areas including energy, aerospace, transportation, automotive, manufacturing, and industrial automation.

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Current Issue


Chetan S. Kulkarni,

Indranil Roychoudhury

Published: 2023-10-26

Technical Research Papers

Vibration Signal Decomposition using Dilated CNN

Eli Gildish, Michael Grebshtein, Yehudit Aperstein, Igor Makienko
Abstract 1013 | PDF Downloads 358

A Grey-box Approach for the Prognostic and Health Management of Lithium-Ion Batteries

Francesco Cancelliere, Sylvain Girard, Jean-Marc Bourinet, Matteo Broggi
Abstract 389 | PDF Downloads 304

A NanoDet Model with Adaptively Weighted Loss for Real-time Railroad Inspection

Jiawei Guo, Sen Zhang, Yu Qian, Yi Wang
Abstract 255 | PDF Downloads 204

A Hybrid Model-Based and Data-Driven Framework for Automated Spacecraft Fault Detection

Eric Pesola, Ksenia Kolcio, Maurice Prather, Adrian Ildefonso
Abstract 355 | PDF Downloads 274

A Case Study Comparing ROC and PRC Curves for Imbalanced Data

Dan Watson, Dr. Karl Reichard, Aaron Isaacson
Abstract 207 | PDF Downloads 221

A Sequential Hybrid Method for Full Lifetime Remaining Useful Life Prediction of Bearings in Rotating Machinery

koengeurts, Kerem Eryilmaz, Ted Oijevaar
Abstract 296 | Paper (PDF) Downloads 256 Slides (PDF) Downloads 144

Adaptive Prognostics: A reliable RUL approach

Nick Eleftheroglou
Abstract 292 | PDF Downloads 275

Battery State-of-Health Aware Path Planning for a Mars Rover

Mariana Salinas-Camus, Chetan Kulkarni, Marcos Orchard
Abstract 322 | PDF Downloads 158

Co-design Model for Neuromorphic Technology Development in Rolling Element Bearing Condition Monitoring

Daniel Strombergsson, Ashwani Kumar, Fredrik Sandin, Pär Marklund
Abstract 256 | PDF Downloads 192

DAGGER: Data AuGmentation GEneRative Framework for Time-Series Data in Data-Driven Smart Manufacturing Systems

Nicholas Hemleben, Daniel Ospina-Acero, David Blank, Andrew VanFossen, Frank Zahiri, Mrinal Kumar
Abstract 319 | PDF Downloads 231

Data Augmentation of Sensor Time Series using Time-varying Autoregressive Processes

Douglas Baptista de Souza, Bruno Paes Leao
Abstract 238 | PDF Downloads 252

Data-Driven Approaches to Diagnostics and State of Health Monitoring of Maritime Battery Systems

Erik Vanem, Qin Liang, Carla Ferreira, Christian Agrell, Nikita Karandikar, Shuai Wang, Maximilian Bruch, Clara Bertinelli Salucci, Christian Grindheim, Anna Kejvalova, Øystein Alnes, Kristian Thorbjørnsen, Azzeddine Bakdi, Rambabu Kandepu
Abstract 284 | PDF Downloads 219

A Comparison of Residual-based Methods on Fault Detection

Chi-Ching Hsu, Gaetan Frusque, Olga Fink
Abstract 296 | PDF Downloads 253

Design and Implementation of a Model Selection Pipeline for Prognostics and Health Management in the Operational Environment

Peter Bishay, Lukens Sarah, Rousis Damon, Danneman Nathan
Abstract 197 | PDF Downloads 178

Diagnostic Signal Method for Fault Identification of Electro-Hydraulic Servo Actuators

Zihan Liu, Prashant Kambali, Chandrashekhar Nataraj
Abstract 209 | PDF Downloads 192

Ensemble Learning Based Convolutional Neural Networks for Remaining Useful Life Prediction of Aircraft Engines

Thambirajah Ravichandran, Bolun Cui, Sri Namachchivaya, Amar Kumar, Alka Srivatsava, Yuan Liu
Abstract 505 | PDF Downloads 211

Explainable Predictive Maintenance is Not Enough: Quantifying Trust in Remaining Useful Life Estimation

Ripan Kumar Kundu, Khaza Anuarul Hoque
Abstract 663 | Paper (PDF) Downloads 345 Slides (PDF) Downloads 210

Exploring Filter Banks and Spike Interval Statistics of Level-Crossing ADCs for Fault Diagnosis of Rolling Element Bearings

Ashwani Kumar, Daniel Strömbergsson, Par Marklund, Fredrik Sandin
Abstract 239 | PDF Downloads 173

Graph neural networks for dynamic modeling of roller bearings

Vinay Sharma, Jens Ravesloot, Cees Taal, Olga Fink
Abstract 257 | PDF Downloads 225

Fault Severity Estimation in Cracked Shafts by Integration of Phase Space Topology and Convolutional Neural Network

Utkarsh Andharikar, Amirhassan Abbasi, Prashant Kambali, C. Nataraj
Abstract 178 | PDF Downloads 128

Increasing Robustness of Data-Driven Fault Diagnostics with Knowledge Graphs

Maximilian-Peter Radtke, Marco Huber, Jürgen Bock
Abstract 214 | PDF Downloads 174

Labelling of Annotated Condition Monitoring Data Through Technical Language Processing

Karl Lowenmark, Cees Taal, Amit Vurgaft, Joakim Nivre, Marcus Liwicki, Fredrik Sandin
Abstract 430 | PDF Downloads 190

Operational Wheel Flat Detector in Railway Vehicles

Ibon Erdozain, Blas Blanco, Luis Baeza, Asier Alonso
Abstract 129 | PDF Downloads 134

Parameters identification of the satellite attitude control system with large inertia rotating components

Xueqin Chen, Boyu Yang, Fan Wu, Hongxu Wang, Qihan Ma, Chengfei Yue
Abstract 156 | PDF Downloads 126

Prognosis of Li-ion Batteries Under Large Load Variations Using Hybrid Physics-Informed Neural Networks

Kajetan Fricke, Renato Nascimento, Matteo Corbetta, Chetan Kulkarni, Felipe Viana
Abstract 1037 | PDF Downloads 532

Promoting Explainability in Data-Driven Models for Anomaly Detection: A Step Toward Diagnosis

Quentin Dollon, Paul Labbé, François Léonard
Abstract 180 | PDF Downloads 155

Reconceptualizing the Prognostics Digital Twin for Smart Manufacturing with Data-Driven Evolutionary Models and Adaptive Uncertainty Quantification

Jack Murray, Brandon Chamberlain, Nicholas Hemleben, Daniel Ospina-Acero, Indranil Nayak, Andrew VanFossen, Frank Zahiri, Mrinal Kumar
Abstract 1398 | PDF Downloads 257

Rethinking Reliability in Terms of Margins

Diego Mandelli, Congjian Wang, Koushik Manjunatha, Vivek Agarwal, Linyu Lin
Abstract 164 | Paper (PDF) Downloads 154 Slides (PDF) Downloads 67

Sensitivity enhanced method for fault detection and prediction of elevator doors using a margin maximized hyperspace

Minjae Kim, Seho Son, Kiyong Oh
Abstract 139 | Paper (PDF) Downloads 132 Slides (PDF) Downloads 70

Unsupervised Physics-Informed Health Indicator Estimation for Complex Systems

Kristupas Bajarunas, Marcia Baptista, Kai Goebel, Manuel Arias Chao
Abstract 752 | PDF Downloads 346

Underlying Probability Measure Approximated by Monte Carlo Simulations in Event Prognostics

David Acuña-Ureta, Marcos Orchard
Abstract 182 | PDF Downloads 167

Industry Experience Papers

A Closer Look at Bearing Fault Classification Approaches

Harika Abburi, Tanya Chaudhary, Sardar Haider Waseem Ilyas, Lakshmi Manne, Deepak Mittal, Don Williams, Derek Snaidauf, Edward Bowen, Balaji Veeramani
Abstract 209 | PDF Downloads 173

A Framework for Rapid Prototyping of PHM Analytics for Complex Systems using a Supervised Data-Driven Approach

Katarina Vuckovic, Shashvat Prakash, Ben Burke
Abstract 1811 | Paper (PDF) Downloads 1505 Slides (PDF) Downloads 276

A Hypothesis testing approach to Zero-Fault-Shot learning for Damage Component Classification

Eric Bechhoefer, Omri Matania, Jacob Bortman
Abstract 355 | PDF Downloads 170

Automotive Electronic Control Unit Ground Line Health Monitoring Method

Alaeddin Milhim, Hadyan Ramadhan, Xinyu Du, Shengbing Jiang, Hossein Sadjadi
Abstract 256 | PDF Downloads 137

Deep Regression Network with Prediction Confidence in Time Series Application for Asset Health Estimation

Hao Huang, Arun Subramanian, Abhinav Saxena, Nurali Virani, Naresh Iyer
Abstract 254 | PDF Downloads 149

Fault Detection and Diagnosis in Tennessee Eastman Process with Deep Autoencoder

Zhongying Xiao, Arthur Kordon, Subrata Sen
Abstract 297 | PDF Downloads 171

Identifying Key Factors in Turbofan Engine Health Degradation using Functional Analysis

Declan Mallamo, Michael Azarian, Michael Pecht
Abstract 191 | Paper (PDF) Downloads 167 Slides (PDF) Downloads 99

Joint feedback control and fault diagnosis disambiguation

Ion Matei, Maksym Zhenirovsky, Johan de Kleer, Kai Goebel
Abstract 228 | PDF Downloads 129

OSPtk: Cost-aware Optimal Sensor Placement Toolkit Enabling Design-for-PHM in Critical Industrial Systems

Liang Tang, Abhinav Saxena, Scott Evans, Naresh Iyer, Helena Goldfarb
Abstract 258 | PDF Downloads 153

Process for Turboshaft Engine Performance Trending

Eric Bechhoefer, Mina Hajimohammadali
Abstract 299 | PDF Downloads 202

Predictive Analytics for Hydropower Fleet Intelligence

Yigit Yucesan, Pradeep Ramuhalli, Yang Chen, Jim Miller, Edward Hanson, Stephen Signore
Abstract 207 | PDF Downloads 127

Servomotor Dataset: Modeling Health in Mechanisms with Typically Intermittent Operation

Arun Subramanian, Abhinav Saxena, Jamie Coble
Abstract 294 | PDF Downloads 176

Signal pre-processing techniques for fault signature enhancement in a bearing health monitoring system used in the automotive industry

Ehsan Jafarzadeh, Sara Rahimifard, Paola Sant Anna, Yu Cao, Frances Tenney, Hossein Sadjadi
Abstract 233 | PDF Downloads 180

Unsupervised Causal Deep Learning-Based Anomaly Detection in Nuclear Power Plant Applications

Abhinav Saxena, Helena Goldfarb, Jeffrey Clark
Abstract 250 | PDF Downloads 176

Doctoral Symposium Summaries

Data Challenge Papers

An Introduction to 2023 PHM Data Challenge: The Elephant in the Room and an Analysis of Competition Results

Yongzhi Qu, Jesse William, Abhinav Saxena, Neil Eklund, Scott Clements
Abstract 656 | PDF Downloads 219

Predicting pitting severity in gearboxes under unseen operating conditions and fault severities using convolutional neural networks with power spectral density inputs

Rik Vaerenberg, Douw Marx, Seyed Ali Hosseinli, Fabrizio De Fabritiis, Hao Wen, Rui Zhu, Konstantinos Gryllias
Abstract 245 | PDF Downloads 197

Poster Presentations

A Fine-grained Semi-supervised Anomaly Detection Framework for Predictive Maintenance of Industrial Assets

Xiaorui Tong, Wee Quan Jung, Jeremy Frimpong Banning
Abstract 210 | PDF Downloads 152

Accelerated Degradation Test on Electric Scroll Compressor Using Controlled Continuous Liquid Slugging

Hadyan Ramadhan, Hong Wong, Alaeddin Bani Milhim, Hossein Sadjadi
Abstract 194 | PDF Downloads 179

An Introductory Approach to Time-Series Data Preparation and Analysis

Edward Baumann, Charles Hsu, Hayley Buba, Taylor Cox
Abstract 187 | PDF Downloads 256

Cooling Fan Failure Modes to Enable Development of Automotive ECU Fan Health Monitoring System

Alaeddin Banimilhim, Jacqueline Del Gatto, Hossein Sadjadi
Abstract 218 | PDF Downloads 164

Failure Mode Investigation to Enable LiDAR Health Monitoring for Automotive Application

Fred Chang, Ehsan Jafarzadeh, Jacqueline Del Gatto, Graham Cran, Hossein Sadjadi
Abstract 391 | PDF Downloads 275

Fusion and Comparison of Prognostic Models for Remaining Useful Life of Aircraft systems

Shuai Fu, Nicolas P. Avdelidis, Angelos Plastropoulos, Ip-Shing Fan
Abstract 366 | PDF Downloads 146

System-based Monitoring of Muscular Fatigue in Lower-Extremity Movement

Samuel Bertelson, Lindsey Molina, Richard Neptune, Dragan Djurdjanovic
Abstract 151 | PDF Downloads 99

Using Charge Determination Design of Experiments to Develop A Refrigerant Charge Health Status Model for Heat Pump Systems

Hong Wong, Hadyan Ramadhan, Alaeddin Bani Milhim, Hossein Sadjadi
Abstract 167 | PDF Downloads 135