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The annual Conference of the Prognostics and Health Management (PHM) Society is held each autum in North America and brings together the global community of PHM experts from industry, academia, and government in diverse application areas including energy, aerospace, transportation, automotive, manufacturing, and industrial automation.

All articles published by the PHM Society are available to the global PHM community via the internet for free and without any restrictions.

Current Issue

Edited by:

Chetan Kulkarni, Abhinav Saxena, and Felipe Viana

Published: 2021-11-24

Technical Papers

A Data Management Framework & UAV Simulation Testbed for the Study of System-level Prognostics Technologies

Timothy Darrah, Jeremy Frank, Marcos Quinones-Grueiro, Gautam Biswas
Abstract 43 | PDF Downloads 35

A Particle-Swarm-Optimization-Based Approach for the State-of-Charge Estimation of an Electric Vehicle When Driven Under Real Conditions

Aramis Perez, Francisco Jaramillo, Cesar Baeza, Martin Valderrama, Vanessa Quintero, Marcos Orchard
Abstract 125 | PDF Downloads 42

A Study of Deep Neural Networks Transfer Learning For Fault Diagnosis Applications

Michael Franco-Garcia, Nithya Nalluri, Alex Benasutti, Larry Pearlstein, Mohammed Alabsi
Abstract 66 | PDF Downloads 43

Active Learning Framework for Time-Series Classification of Vibration and Industrial Process Data

Sergio Martin del Campo Barraza, William Lindskog, Davide Badalotti, Oskar Liew, Arash Toyser
Abstract 106 | PDF Downloads 60

An End-to-End Learning Framework for Early Prediction of Battery Capacity Trajectory

Jinqiang Liu, Adam Thelen, Chao Hu, Xiao-Guang Yang
Abstract 61 | PDF Downloads 40

An Offline Deep Reinforcement Learning for Maintenance Decision-Making

Hamed Khorasgani, Haiyan Wang, Chetan Gupta, Ahmed Farahat
Abstract 68 | PDF Downloads 38

Analysis of the Deployment Strategies of Reinforcement Learning Controllers for Complex Dynamic Systems

Ibrahim Ahmed, Marcos Quinones Grueiro, Gautam Biswas
Abstract 47 | PDF Downloads 34

Autoencoder Based Anomaly Detector for Gear Tooth Bending Fatigue Cracks

Adrian Hood, Christopher Valant, Patrick Horney, Allen Jones, Jared S. Lantner, Josiah Martuscello, Nenad Nenadic
Abstract 57 | PDF Downloads 38

Bayesian Network Based Causal Map Generation and Root Cause Identification in Complex Industrial Processes

Kalyani Zope, Tanmaya Singhal, Sri Harsha Nistala, Venkataramana Runkana
Abstract 87 | PDF Downloads 36

Brinell Fault Injection to Enable Development of a Wheel Bearing Fault Monitoring System for Automobiles

Graeme Garner, Samba Drame, Xinyu Du, Hossein Sadjadi
Abstract 32 | PDF Downloads 26

Collaborative Prognostics for Machine Fleets Using a Novel Federated Baseline Learner

Vibhor Pandhare, Xiaodong Jia, Jay Lee
Abstract 72 | PDF Downloads 41

Condition Monitoring of Wind Turbines and Extraction of Healthy Training Data using an Ensemble of Advanced Statistical Anomaly Detection Models

Xavier Chesterman, Timothy Verstraeten, Pieter-Jan Daems, Ann Nowé, Jan Helsen
Abstract 75 | PDF Downloads 36

Deep Unsupervised Transfer Learning for Health Status Prediction of a Fleet of Wind Turbines with Unbalanced Data

Dandan Peng, Chenyu Liu, Wim Desmet, Konstantinos Gryllias
Abstract 109 | PDF Downloads 19

Degradation Detection for Internal Gear Pumps using Pressure Reduction Time Maps

Kurt Pichler, Rainer Haas, Veronika Putz, Christian Kastl
Abstract 48 | PDF Downloads 24

Diagnosing Systems through Approximated Information

Alexander Diedrich, Oliver Niggemann
Abstract 57 | PDF Downloads 27

Digital Twin-Driven Process and Equipment FMECA Generation for Smart Manufacturing Applications

Sudipto Ghoshal, Jay Meyer, Venkat Malepati, Caleb Hudson, Somnath Deb, Andrew Hess, Feraidoon Zahiri, Gregory Sutton
Abstract 61 | PDF Downloads 48

Electric Power Steering Power Circuit Health Assessment and Mitigation Strategy

Wen-Chiao Lin, Graeme Garner, Yat-Chung Tang, Arash Mohtat
Abstract 48 | PDF Downloads 21

Evaluating and Optimizing Analytic Signals

Shashvat Prakash, Antoni Brzoska
Abstract 45 | PDF Downloads 39

Explainable Machinery Faults Prediction Using Ensemble Tree Classifiers: Bagging or Boosting?

Somayeh Bakkhtiari Ramezani, Amin Amirlatifi, Thomas Kirby, Maria Seale, Shahram Rahimi
Abstract 56 | PDF Downloads 29

Exploring Cloud Assisted Tiny Machine Learning Application Patterns for PHM Scenarios

Xingyu Zhou, Zhuangwei Kang, Robert Canady, Shunxing Bao, Daniel Allen Balasubramanian, Aniruddha Gokhale
Abstract 54 | PDF Downloads 39

Fault Detection in a Physcially Redundant MEMS Accelerometer Array

Daniel Watson, Karl Reichard
Abstract 41 | PDF Downloads 26

Fault Detection via Sparsity-based Blind Filtering on Experimental Vibration Signals

Kayacan Kestel, Cédric Peeters, Jérôme Antoni, Jan Helsen
Abstract 69 | PDF Downloads 54

Health Indicators to Estimate Health of Magnetic Wheel Encoder

Jasmeet Singh Ladoiye, Douglas Spry, Milad Jalali
Abstract 41 | PDF Downloads 22

Interpretation of Deep Learning Models in Bearing Fault Diagnosis

Menno Liefstingh, Cees Taal, Sebastián Echeverri Restrepo, Alireza Azarfar
Abstract 255 | PDF Downloads 104

Learning an Optimal Operational Strategy for Service Life Extension of Gear Wheels with Double Deep Q Networks

Mark Henss, Yvonne Gretzinger, Tamer Tevetoglu, Maximilian Posner, Bernd Bertsche
Abstract 67 | PDF Downloads 24

Li-ion Battery Aging with Hybrid Physics-Informed Neural Networks and Fleet-wide Data

Renato G. Nascimento, Matteo Corbetta, Chetan S. Kulkarni, Felipe A. C. Viana
Abstract 51 | PDF Downloads 33

Methodology on Establishing Multivariate Failure Thresholds for Improved Remaining Useful Life Prediction in PHM

Wenzhe Li, Xiaodong Jia, Yuan-Ming Hsu, Youwen Liu, Jay Lee
Abstract 68 | PDF Downloads 43

Methods to Improve the Prognostics of Time-to-Failure Models

Edward Baumann, Pedro A. Forero, Gray Selby, Charles Hsu
Abstract 74 | PDF Downloads 32

Modeling Health Status Identification in a Gas Turbine System: Three-Class Classification Approaches

Catherine Cheung, Calista Biondic, Zouhair Hamaimou, Julio J. Valdes
Abstract 40 | PDF Downloads 22

Modeling the Business Value of a Predictive Maintenance System using Monte Carlo Simulation

Graeme Garner, Paola Santanna, Hossein Sadjadi
Abstract 43 | PDF Downloads 26

Model-based Damage Detection through Physics Guided Learning

Ali I. Ozdagli, Xenofon Koutsoukos
Abstract 75 | PDF Downloads 32

On Adversarial Vulnerability of PHM algorithms – An initial Study

Weizhong Yan, Zhaoyuan Yang, Jianwei Qiu
Abstract 46 | PDF Downloads 35

Prognostics and Secure Health Management of Electronic Systems in a Zero-Trust Environment

Varun Khemani, Michael H. Azarian, Michael G. Pecht
Abstract 83 | PDF Downloads 33

Remaining Useful Life Calculation of a Component using Hybrid Fatigue Crack Model

Eric Bechhoefer, Lei Xiao, Xinghui Zhang
Abstract 56 | PDF Downloads 35

Remaining Useful Life Estimation using Event Data

Mahbubul Alam, Laleh Jalali, Dipanjan Ghosh, Ahmed Farahat, Chetan Gupta
Abstract 82 | PDF Downloads 43

Safety Diagnostics and Degraded Operational Modes for Off-road Unmanned Ground Combat Vehicles

Naveen Aditya Verma Dantuluri, Pierluigi Pisu
Abstract 74 | PDF Downloads 36

Suspension Fault Diagnostics Using Vehicle Pitch and Roll Models

XinyuDu, Lichao Mai, Hossein Sadjadi
Abstract 46 | PDF Downloads 38

Data Challenge Winners

Inception Based Deep Convolutional Neural Network for Remaining Useful Life Estimation of Turbofan Engines

Nathaniel DeVol, Christopher Saldana, Katherine Fu
Abstract 10 | PDF Downloads 15

A Stacked Deep Convolutional Neural Network to Predict the Remaining Useful Life of a Turbofan Engine

David Solís-Martín, Juan Galán-Páez, Joaquín Borrego-Díaz
Abstract 205 | PDF Downloads 95

Poster Presentations

Building an Air Turbine Conditional Anomaly Detection Approach for Wave Power Plants

Jose Ignacio Aizpurua, Markel Penalba, Natalia Kirillova, Illart Alcorta, Jon Lekube, Dorleta Marina
Abstract 49 | PDF Downloads 27

Enhanced Visualization of Production Systems Concepts and Simulation Data for the Smart/Digital Factory

James Ong, Anand Paul, Daniel Tuohy, Feraidoon Zahiri, Gregory Sutton
Abstract 33 | PDF Downloads 16

Strategies to Improve Robustness of a Health Monitoring System, with Application to Brake Rotors

Hamed Kazemi, Graeme Garner, Samba Drame, Xinyu Du, Hossein Sadjadi
Abstract 39 | PDF Downloads 13