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The Asia-Pacific Conference of the Prognostics and Health Management (PHM) Society is held in the spring of odd years (starting in 2017) and brings together the global community of PHM experts from industry, academia, and government in diverse application areas including energy, aerospace, transportation, automotive, manufacturing, and industrial automation.

All articles published by the PHM Society are available to the global PHM community via the internet for free and without any restrictions.

Current Issue

Edited by:

Takehisa Yairi
Samir Khan
Seiji Tsutsumi

Published: 2023-09-04

Invited Papers

Regular Session Papers

A Comparative Study of K-Means Clustering and a Novel Ranking Algorithm for Risk Priority Number Analysis in FMECA

Jiaxiang Cheng, Sungin Cho, Yap Peng Tan, Guoqiang Hu
Abstract 200 | PDF Downloads 179

A Multi-periodicity and Multi-scale Network for Motor Fault Diagnosis

Pengcheng Xia, Kaiwen Zhang , Yixiang Huang , Chengliang Liu
Abstract 223 | PDF Downloads 202

A Physics Informed Machine Learning Approach for Performance Degradation Monitoring of Gas Turbine

Yiyang Liu, Xiaomo Jiang, Xin Ge, Manman Wei
Abstract 295 | PDF Downloads 258

A Signal Pre-processing Method for Condition Monitoring based on Vibration Signals from On-Site Manipulators

Hea-Ryeon Seo, Geonhwi Lee, Gun Sik, Jae Min, Deog Hyeon Kim, Jin Woo Park, Hae-Jin Choi
Abstract 153 | PDF Downloads 188

A Simple Remaining Useful Life Algorithm Using the Quadratic

Eric Bechhoefer , Nobuhiro Fujiki, Yusuke Kitsutaka, Sotaro Tsukamoto, Akio Usui
Abstract 560 | PDF Downloads 248

A Simplified Framework for Fault Prediction in Radar Transmitter based on Vector Autoregression Model

Sheriff Murtala, Soojung Hur, Yongwan Park
Abstract 156 | PDF Downloads 153

A Survey of Prognostics and Health Management for Transformers: From Statistical Analysis to Condition-Based Diagnostics

Jiaxiang Cheng, Sungin Cho, Yap Peng Tan, Guoqiang Hu
Abstract 191 | PDF Downloads 210

Abnormal Detection Using Two-Stage Method in Combined Power Plant

Yun Hee Kim , Suk Joo Bae
Abstract 141 | PDF Downloads 110

Advanced Weibull Modelling with Outliers

Yipeng Pang, Guoqiang Hu, Sungin Cho
Abstract 165 | PDF Downloads 175

AI image analysis technologies for efficient water pipeline inspection

Ying Piao, Hiroshi Sukegawa, Kenji Kimiyama, Kensuke Nakamura, Toshiharu Sugino, Takaharu Kunizane, Akira Koizumi
Abstract 103 | PDF Downloads 65

An Enhanced Model-Based Algorithm for Early Internal Short Circuit Detection in Lithium-Ion Batteries

Yiqi Jia, Lorenzo Brancato, Marco Giglio, Francesco Cadini
Abstract 213 | PDF Downloads 147

An improved OAKR approach to condition monitoring of rotating machinery

Kexin Zhang, Xiaomo Jiang
Abstract 137 | PDF Downloads 126

Analysis of Statistical Data Heterogeneity in Federated Fault Identification

Zahra Taghiyarrenani, Slawomir Nowaczyk, Sepideh Pashami
Abstract 271 | PDF Downloads 229

Anomaly data synthesis and detection via domain randomization

Joonha Jun, Jongsoo Lee
Abstract 112 | PDF Downloads 140

Architecting a Digital Twin-Based Predictive Maintenance System for Modelling Cable Joint Degradation

Raymon van Dinter, Görkem Ekmekci, Sander Rieken, Bedir Tekinerdogan, Cagatay Catal
Abstract 206 | PDF Downloads 215

Assessing the Performance of Transformer for Time Series Anomaly Detection

Takuto Nakashima , Takehisa Yairi
Abstract 327 | PDF Downloads 277

Automatic detection of hardware failures in an air quality measuring station with low cost sensors

Sylvain Poupry, Kamal Medjaher, Cédrick Béler
Abstract 125 | PDF Downloads 126

Automating daily inspection for Expressways using anomaly detection model

Yuta Shirakawa, Satoshi Ito, Reiko Noda, Naoto Yoshitani, Masahide Wake, Honoka Takano
Abstract 121 | PDF Downloads 133

Bridging the Gap: A Comparative Analysis of Regressive Remaining Useful Life Prediction and Survival Analysis Methods for Predictive Maintenance

Mahmoud Rahat , Zahra Kharazian , Peyman Sheikholharam Mashhadi, Thorsteinn Rögnvaldsson, Shamik Choudhury
Abstract 379 | PDF Downloads 197

Comprehensive Failure Diagnosis Model with Degradation Indicators of Multiple Sensors

Jun Tominaga, Shoya Kamiaka, Kohei Kuroda
Abstract 136 | PDF Downloads 144

Configuration and Comparative Study of Prediction Models for Indoor Air Quality

Geonhwi Lee, Hea-Ryeon Seo , Hae-Jin Choi
Abstract 95 | PDF Downloads 111

Deep Learning-Enabled Statistical Model Estimation for Power Transformers with Censoring and Truncation Problems

Jiaxiang Cheng, Sungin Cho, Yap Peng Tan, Guoqiang Hu
Abstract 123 | PDF Downloads 143

Demonstration of Sensor Monitoring of Lubricants

Kyoko Kojima
Abstract 123 | PDF Downloads 114

Detection and Diagnostic with Random Forest Classifier (RFC) to Improve the Maintenance Management System in Steam Boiler of Power Plant

Ghiffari Awliya Muhammad Ashfania, Tarwaji Warsokusumo, Toni Prahasto, Achmad Widodo
Abstract 140 | PDF Downloads 119

Differential Diagnosis with Active Testing

Emile van Gerwen, Leonardo Barbini, Michael Borth
Abstract 128 | PDF Downloads 98

Discovering Premature Replacements in Predictive Maintenance Time-to-Event Data

Abdallah Alabdallah, Thorsteinn Rognvaldsson, Yuantao Fan , Sepideh Pashami, Mattias Ohlsson
Abstract 913 | PDF Downloads 117

Energy Saving Structural Health Monitoring Using Semi-Active Identification

Yushin Hara, Tianyi Tang, Keisuke Otsuka, Kanjuro Makihara
Abstract 81 | PDF Downloads 86

Ensemble Neural Networks for Remaining Useful Life (RUL) Prediction

Abhishek Srinivasan, Juan Carlos Andresen, Anders Holst
Abstract 180 | PDF Downloads 150

Evaluation of Multi-Modal Learning for Predicting Coolant Pump Failures in Heavy Duty Vehicles

Yuantao Fan, Amine Atoui, Slawomir Nowaczyk, Thorsteinn Rognvaldsson
Abstract 128 | PDF Downloads 104

Event detection in a noisy time series data using static smoothening and gradient variation analytics

Saravanaram T, Unnat Mankad, Simi Madhavan Karatha, Carmine Allegorico, Arati Halaki
Abstract 178 | PDF Downloads 122

Explainable multimodal learning for predictive maintenance of steam generators

Duc An Nguyen , Sagar Jose, Thi Phuong Khanh Nguyen, Kamal Medjaher
Abstract 185 | PDF Downloads 118

Fully Unsupervised Defect Clustering using Adversarial Autoencoder

Taewan Kim, Seungchul Lee
Abstract 75 | PDF Downloads 97

Fusion with Joint Distribution and Adversarial Networks: A New Transfer Learning Approach for Intelligent Fault Diagnosis

Xueyi Li, Tianyu Yu, David He, Zhijie Xie, Xiangwei Kong
Abstract 119 | PDF Downloads 120

Fuzzy-membership-based labeling: a new labeling method for both classification task and regression task

Diwang Ruan, Zhaorong Li, Yuheng Wu, Jianping Yan, Clemens Gühmann
Abstract 111 | PDF Downloads 105

Health Monitoring of Power Semiconductor Module Using Temperature Sensitive Electrical Parameter

Guesuk Lee, Sungsoon Choi , Byongjin Ma, Kim Jemini
Abstract 90 | PDF Downloads 134

Improving Anomalous Sound Detection by Distance Matrix-Based Visualization of Measurement Flaws

Nobuaki Tanaka, Takeru Shiraga, Yusuke Itani
Abstract 138 | PDF Downloads 134

Long-Term Preventive Failure Mitigation Strategy For Transformers Based on Markov Method

Jianzheng Wang, Guoqiang Hu, Sungin Cho
Abstract 85 | PDF Downloads 96

Multiphysics-informed DeepONet of a lithium-ion battery to predict thermal runaway

Jinho Jeong, Eunji Kwak, Jun-Hyeong Kim, Ki-Yong Oh
Abstract 278 | PDF Downloads 294

Novel Ensemble Domain Adaptation Methodology for Enhanced Multi-class Fault Diagnosis of Highly-Connected Fleet of Assets

Takanobu Minami, Alexander Suer, Pradeep Kundu, Shahin Siahpour, Jay Lee
Abstract 174 | PDF Downloads 127

Observation and Prediction of Instability due to RD Fluid Force in Rotating Machinery by Operational Modal Analysis

Daiki Goto, Tsuyoshi Inoue, Akira Heya, Shogo Kimura, Shinsaku Nakamura, Yusuke Watanabe
Abstract 65 | PDF Downloads 98

Online fault detection for industrial processes through Kalman filter

Wenyi Liu , Takehisa Yairi
Abstract 140 | PDF Downloads 126

Physical Reservoir-Based Health Monitoring of a Structure with Nonlinear Attachments

Arata Masuda, Konosuke Takashima
Abstract 113 | PDF Downloads 107

Prediction of Impact Information of Composites Laminates Considering the Practicality

Saki Hasebe, Ryo Higuchi, Tomohiro Yokozeki, Shin-ichi Takeda
Abstract 66 | PDF Downloads 70

Prognosis using Bayesian Method by Incorporating Physical Constraints

Hyung Jun Park, Nam Ho Kim, Joo-Ho Choi
Abstract 98 | PDF Downloads 120

Quantum Optimization for Location Assignment Problem in ASSR

Kuniaki Satori, Nobuyuki Yoshikawa
Abstract 137 | PDF Downloads 125

Sequential Domain Adaptation for Fault Diagnosis in Rotating Machinery

Yong Chae Kim, Jin Uk Ko, Jinwook Lee, Taehun Kim , Joon Ha Jung, Byeng D. Youn
Abstract 86 | PDF Downloads 131

Sound-Dr: Reliable Sound Dataset and Baseline Artificial Intelligence System for Respiratory Illnesses

Van Truong Hoang, Quang Nguyen, Quoc Cuong Nguyen, Xuan Phong Nguyen, Hoang Nguyen
Abstract 233 | PDF Downloads 173

Study on the intermittent fault mechanism of electromagnetic relay under complex environmental stress

Ye Jingzhong, Lyu Kehong, Liu Guanjun, Qiu Jing
Abstract 75 | PDF Downloads 103

Tacholess Instantaneous Speed Estimation Considering the Characteristics of Vibration Harmonics

Jinoh Yoo, Jongmin Park, Taehyung Kim, Jong Moon Ha, Byeng Dong Youn
Abstract 111 | PDF Downloads 105

Trip Reduction in Turbo Machinery

Pranay Mathur , Carlo Michelassi , Simi Madhavan Karatha , Gilda Pedoto , Miguel Gomez Alguacil
Abstract 108 | PDF Downloads 79

Unsupervised Anomaly Detection in Marine Diesel Engines using Transformer Neural Networks and Residual Analysis

Qin Liang, Knut Erik Knutsen, Erik Vanem, Houxiang Zhang, Vilmar Æsøy
Abstract 233 | PDF Downloads 174

Unsupervised Retrieval Based Multivariate Time Series Anomaly Detection and Diagnosis with Deep Binary Coding Models

Takehiko Mizoguchi, Yuji Kobayashi , Yasuhiro Ajiro
Abstract 149 | PDF Downloads 139

V-belt Tension Reduction Diagnostic Method By Using Multi-Frequency Current Power Spectrum Density

Hiroshi Inoue, Ken Hirakida, Makoto Kanemaru, Peng Chen
Abstract 88 | PDF Downloads 84

Data Challenge Papers

Anomaly Detection in Spacecraft Propulsion System using Time Series Classification based on K-NN

Yoshiki Kato, Taku Kato, Tsubasa Tanaka
Abstract 377 | PDF Downloads 194

Dataset Generation Based on 1D-CAE Modeling for Fault Diagnostics in a Spacecraft Propulsion System

Kohji Tominaga, Yu Daimon, Masao Toyama, Kazushi Adachi, Seiji Tsutsumi, Noriyasu Omata, Taiichi Nagata
Abstract 155 | PDF Downloads 116

Expert-Informed Hierarchical Diagnostics of Multiple Fault Modes of a Spacecraft Propulsion System

Osarenren Kennedy Aimiyekagbon, Alexander Lowen, Amelie Bender, Lars Muth, Walter Sextro
Abstract 199 | PDF Downloads 142

Hybrid Approach of XGBoost and Rule-based Model for Fault Detection and Severity Estimation in Spacecraft Propulsion System

Sang Kyung Lee, Jiwon Lee, Seungyun Lee, Bongmo Kim, Yong Chae Kim, Jinwook Lee, Byeng Dong Youn
Abstract 313 | PDF Downloads 149

Special Session Papers

A Feature Selection Method for Machine Tool Wear Diagnosis

Yuji Homma, Takaaki Nakamura
Abstract 120 | PDF Downloads 123

A Health Index for Satellite System Based on Characteristics of Telemetry Data

Shun Katsube, Hironori Sahara
Abstract 84 | PDF Downloads 102

A New Challenge in Predictive Maintenance Analysis for Aircraft

Takashi Takemura
Abstract 935 | PDF Downloads 384

A Simple Hybrid Model for Estimating Remaining Useful Life of SiC MOSFETs in Power Cycling Experiments

Mattias P. Eng, Andreas Lövberg, Maciej Misiorny, Wilhelm Söderkvist Vermelin, Klas Brinkfeldt, Madhav Mishra
Abstract 304 | PDF Downloads 212

A Study on the Intent-based System Design Automation Method for Fault Detection and Fault Tolerance

Takayuki Kuroda, Toshiki Watanabe, Tatsuya Fukuda
Abstract 76 | PDF Downloads 98

Acoustic Signal based Non-Contact Ball Bearing Fault Diagnosis Using Adaptive Wavelet De-Noising

Wonho Jung, Sung-Hyun Yun, Yong-Hwa Park
Abstract 84 | PDF Downloads 84

Advancing Predictive Maintenance: A Study of Domain Adaptation for Fault Identification in Gearbox Components

Shinya Tsuruta, Koji Wakimoto, Takaaki Nakamura, Shahin Siahpour, Marcella Miller, John Taco, Jay Lee
Abstract 302 | PDF Downloads 198

Algorithmic Study for Power Restoration in Electrical Distribution Networks

Jun Kawahara, Chuta Yamaoka, Takehiro Ito, Akira Suzuki, Daisuke Iioka, Shuhei Sugimura, Seiya Goto, Takayuki Tanabe
Abstract 81 | PDF Downloads 103

Anomaly detection for yield improvement in glass production

Haruo Yonemori, Kenichi Arai, Hironobu Yamamichi , Ichiro Sakata, Makoto Imamura
Abstract 91 | PDF Downloads 117

Anomaly Detection in Air Handling Units using Motor Current Signal Imaging for Belt Looseness Detection

Sung Hyun Yun, Wonho Jung, Daeguen Lim, Yong-Hwa Park
Abstract 133 | PDF Downloads 141

Anomaly Detection in Airliner Centrifugal Compressor Using Sensor Data during the Climb Phase

Sadanari Shigetomi, Makoto Imamura, Naoya Kaido , Makoto Taniguchi , Masaru Nishiwaki , Junichiro Kaya
Abstract 172 | PDF Downloads 154

Anomaly detection of propulsion system of spacecrafts with Light GBM

Shota Iino, Hideki Nomoto, Takayuki Hirose, Yasutaka Michiura, Go Fujii, Takashi Uchiyama
Abstract 81 | PDF Downloads 114

Anomaly Sign Detection for Automatic Ticket Gates by the Histogram Limitation Method

Ken Ueno, Shigeru Maya, Kiyoku Endo
Abstract 79 | PDF Downloads 102

Applications of Active Learning in Predictive Maintenance

Navid Zaman, You Jung Jun, Yan Li, Daniel Chan
Abstract 82 | PDF Downloads 94

Automatic Detection of Concrete Surface Defects Using Deep Learning and Laser Ultrasonic Visualization Testing

Takahiro Saitoh, Syumpei Ohyama, Tsuyoshi Kato, Sohichi Hirose
Abstract 85 | PDF Downloads 84

Building The Health Monitoring and Fault Diagnosis Models For Stamping Press

Yuan-Jen Chang, Lin-Jie Chen, Yuta Tu, Hung-Pin Yang, Chen-Kang Lee
Abstract 123 | PDF Downloads 107

Condition-based Maintenance of Brake Pads and Tires in Shared Vehicles using Cloud-based Health monitoring and prognostics.

Jeong Hae Lee, Jaewook Oh, Jeongwoo Lee, Seungyoung Park, Jihyeon Lee, Namsu Kim
Abstract 73 | PDF Downloads 88

Damage-Based Lifetime Modeling for Power Electronic Devices

Chao Guo, Chao Guo, Zhonghai Lu
Abstract 116 | PDF Downloads 119

Data-Driven Prognostics and Diagnostics of Industrial Machinery — A Turbofan Engine Case Study

Russell Graves, Peeyush Pankaj, Vineet J Kuruvilla, Rachel Johnson, Michio Inoue
Abstract 167 | PDF Downloads 145

Data-driven satellite monitoring method applicable to various telemetry

Noriyasu Omata, Seiji Tsutsumi , Abe Masaharu , Iku Shinohara
Abstract 111 | PDF Downloads 111

Deep Learning Approach for Operational Transfer Path Analysis: Case Study of Electric Vehicles

Jeongmin Oh , Donghwi Yoo, Hyunseok Oh, Yong Hyun Ryu , Kyung-Woo Lee, Dae-Un Sung
Abstract 127 | PDF Downloads 114

Design of a Framework for Demand Forecasting Using Time Series Decomposition-Based Approach

Hazuki Shibayama, Aya Ishigaki, Takasumi Kobe, Takafumi Ueda, Daichi Arimizu, Takaaki Nakamura
Abstract 183 | PDF Downloads 176

Demonstration of model-based real-time anomaly detection in a JAXA 6.5m×5.5m low-speed wind tunnel.

Shotaro Hamato, Seiji Tsutsumi , Hirotaka Yamashita, Tatsuro Shiohara, Tomonari Hirotani , Hiroyuki Kato
Abstract 86 | PDF Downloads 85

Development of a space exploration rover digital twin for damage detection

Lucio Pinello, Marco Giglio, Claudio Cadini, Giuseppe Francesco De Luca
Abstract 143 | PDF Downloads 159

Development of demonstration system for fault diagnosis of rotating equipments using RK4 test rig

Hyun Joon Lee, Jae Won Jang, Hyung Jun Park, Kyoung Rae Noh, Sangchul Lee , Joo-Ho Choi
Abstract 108 | PDF Downloads 125

Digital Twin for condition based maintenance within a railway infrastructure testing lab

Antonio J. Guillén López, Juan Fco. Gómez Fernández, Pedro Urda, Jose Luis Escalona, Adolfo Crespo Márquez, Fernando Olivencia
Abstract 198 | PDF Downloads 120

Digital Twin for Diagnosis of Belt Looseness in HVAC Systems using multi-body dynamics simulation

Daeguen Lim, Wonho Jung, Sung Hyun Yun, Yong Hwa Park, Gil-Yong Lee
Abstract 141 | PDF Downloads 123

Efficient Inspection of Civil Engineering Structures for Railways and Roads Using Images and GNSS

Tomoya Abe, Masashi Ueda, Yuki Watanabe, Yoshiyuki Matsui, Takato Yasuno
Abstract 86 | PDF Downloads 87

Expert Knowledge Transfer from CAE Models to CNN Models Using Enhanced Adversarial Domain Adaptation

Minseok Choi, Dongmin Lee, Mikyung Hwang, Dongwhi Yoo, Hyunseoh Oh
Abstract 101 | PDF Downloads 117

Extracting Broken-Rotor-Bar Fault Signature of Varying-Speed Induction Motors

Dehong Liu, Anantaram Varatharajan, Abraham Goldsmith
Abstract 171 | PDF Downloads 108

Fault Detection of Rotor Bars in Inverter-Fed Induction Motors Based on Current Signature Analysis Technique

Tomoyuki Iwawaki, Makoto Kanemaru, Yuto Yasuhara, Toshihiko Miyauchi
Abstract 117 | PDF Downloads 94

Few-Shot Learning for Full Ceramic Bearing Fault Diagnosis with Acoustic Emission Signals

David He, Miao He, Alessandro Taffari
Abstract 145 | PDF Downloads 124

Field study toward anomaly road damage detection with drive recorder

Masato Tsuchiya, Ken Miyamoto, Takashi Ota, Yasushi Sugama
Abstract 116 | PDF Downloads 108

Imbalanced Anomaly Detection Using Augmented Deeper FCDDs for Wooden Sleeper Deterioration Prognostics

Takato Yasuno, Junichiro Fujii, Masahiro Okano
Abstract 103 | PDF Downloads 117

Improvement in Identification Accuracy of a Failure Diagnostic System for a Reusable Rocket Engine

Fumihisa Nagashima, Hatsuo Mori, Yasuhiro Ishikawa , Sato Masaki , Tomoyuki Hashimoto
Abstract 105 | PDF Downloads 96

Integration of Health Monitoring of Cutting Tools and Production Scheduling in Smart Factory

Hitoshi Komoto, German Herrera, Jonny Herwan, Yoshiyuki Furukawa
Abstract 89 | PDF Downloads 88

Lessons Learned from Aircraft Component Failure Prediction using Full Flight Sensor Data

Changzhou Wang, Darren Puigh, Audrey Lei, Wei Guo, Jun Yuan, Mark Mazarek
Abstract 239 | PDF Downloads 243

Machine learning model for detecting hydrogen leakage from hydrogen pipeline using physical modeling

Yuki Suzuki, Jo Nakayama, Tomoya Suzuki, Tomoya Soma, Yu-ichiro Izato, Atusmi Miyake
Abstract 239 | PDF Downloads 187

MLOps for PHM Systems

Mikael Yemane
Abstract 151 | PDF Downloads 164

Model Based and Big Data Enabled Predictive Maintenance Capability Development Experience

Mark Mazarek , Darren Macer , Changzhou Wang
Abstract 651 | PDF Downloads 387

Modeling of Journal Bearings for Wear Diagnosis and Its Verification Using SVM

Masaki Goto , Tsuyoshi Inoue , Akira Heya , Keiichi Katayama, Shogo Kimura, Shigeyuki Tomimatsu, Shota Yabui
Abstract 98 | PDF Downloads 127

Non-destructive Prognostics for Rolling Bearings by Eddy Current Testing

Daisuke Kobayashi, Koichiro Ono, Masahide Natori, Hiroki Komata
Abstract 152 | PDF Downloads 121

Nonlinear Model Predictive Control using Neural ODE Replicas of Dynamic Simulators

Shumpei Kubosawa, Takashi Onishi, Yoshimasa Tsuruoka
Abstract 229 | PDF Downloads 158

Observation Maintenance for Bridges Using Early Detection of Deterioration Progress

Hitoshi Ito, Toshiaki Mizobuchi
Abstract 74 | PDF Downloads 70

Operational Prognostic Model Evaluation

Shashvat Prakash, Katarina Vuckovic , Sanket Amin
Abstract 109 | PDF Downloads 2362

Pipe Corrosion Inspection System based on Human-in-the-Loop Machine Learning

Toshihiro Shimbo, Yousuke Okada, Hitoshi Matsubara
Abstract 87 | PDF Downloads 99

Power Consumption Optimization for Electric Arc Furnace with Time Series Prediction

Jaehyuk Lee, Songhwan Kim, Boseon Yoo , Jaesik Choi
Abstract 206 | PDF Downloads 138

Predictive Maintenance for station equipment and Applications for the Space field

Ryoma Yokoyama, Ryosuke Kono, Atsushi Matsuda, Yohei Shiomi
Abstract 91 | PDF Downloads 121

Predictive modelling for airline technical operations

Dimitri Reiswich
Abstract 182 | PDF Downloads 161

Proposal of a Time Series Anomaly Detection Method Using Image Encoding Techniques

Ryo Sakurai, Takehisa Yairi
Abstract 159 | PDF Downloads 199

Quality Management for Machine Learning Systems

Yutaka Oiwa
Abstract 96 | PDF Downloads 98

Resilient Operation Planning for CubeSat Using Reinforcement Learning

Shuntaro Kuroiwa, Nozomu Kogiso
Abstract 110 | PDF Downloads 111

RUL Estimation for Package Failure of Power Electronic Devices Using Integral Mean of Precursor Signal

Zhonghai Lu, Chao Guo , Pol Ghesquiere , Kai Kriegel, Gerhard Mitic
Abstract 164 | PDF Downloads 142

Semi-supervised machine learning for motor eccentricity fault diagnosis

Bingnan Wang, Shen Zhang, Hiroshi Inoue, Makoto Kanemaru
Abstract 108 | PDF Downloads 114

Size Estimation of Flaking in Rolling Bearings Using Deep Learning with Explainability

Osamu Yoshimatsu, Keiichiro Taguchi, Sato Yoshihiro, Takehisa Yairi
Abstract 117 | PDF Downloads 150

SKYWISE - Big data platform as a foundation of airlines predictive and health monitoring

William Bernard, Anthony Hoffmann
Abstract 480 | PDF Downloads 920

Systemic symptom detection in telemetry of ISS with explainability using FRAM and SpecTRM

Shota Iino, Hideki Nomoto, Takashi Fukui, Sayaka Ishizawa, Miki Sasaki, Yohei Yagisawa, Takayuki Hirose, Yasutaka Michiura, Hiroharu Shibayama
Abstract 109 | PDF Downloads 99

Study on Fault Diagnosis in a Spacecraft Propulsion System

Kazushi Adachi, Samir Khan, Kohji Tominaga, Noriyasu Omata, Seiji Tsutsumi, Taiichi Nagata
Abstract 147 | PDF Downloads 147

Study on the Estimation of Concrete Defects Volume on Dam Body Surface

Akira Ishii, Hiroaki Sugawara, Masazumi Amakata
Abstract 79 | PDF Downloads 77