Development of an Operational Digital Twin of a Locomotive Braking System Solenoid Valve for Fault Classification



Published Sep 4, 2023
Gabriel Davidyan Jacob Bortman Ron.S Kenett


In recent years, a growing role in digital technologies has been filled by model-based digital twinning. A digital twin produces a mapping of a physical structure, operating in the digital domain. Combined with sensor technology and analytics, a digital twin can provide enhanced monitoring, diagnostic, and optimization capabilities. This research harnesses the significant capabilities of digital twining for the unmitigated challenge of fault type classification of a locomotive braking system solenoid valve. We develop a digital twin of the solenoid valve and suggest a method for fault type classification based on the digital twin. The diagnostic ability of the approach is demonstrated on a large experimental dataset.  

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Digital Twin, Locootive, Fault Classification, Solenoid Valve, Maintenance

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