A Reliability-Centered Maintenance Framework for Distribution Grids Based on Fault-Tree Analysis



Published Sep 4, 2023
Ting Wang Guoqiang Hu Sungin Cho


Reliability is the key issue in the supply of electrical energy in modern society, which is jeopardized by the failures occurring in different sections of distribution grids. To address this challenge, this paper presents a reliability-centered maintenance framework for transformers, switchgear panels and power cables in medium-voltage distribution grids. First, fault tree models for the different equipment are established in this paper, with which the impacts of different failures and the effects of maintenance actions are analyzed in a quantitative manner. Using the fault tree models, the influences of different maintenance strategies on the reliability indexes of equipments in long-term operations can be estimated, which provides references for the selection and prioritization of preventive maintenance actions. This research work provides a generalized and practical framework for designing reliability-centered maintenance plans for distribution grids.  

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distribution grids, failures, fault tree analysis, reliability-centered maintenance

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