V-belt Tension Reduction Diagnostic Method By Using Multi-Frequency Current Power Spectrum Density



Published Sep 4, 2023
Hiroshi Inoue Ken Hirakida Makoto Kanemaru Peng Chen


Motors are used in many factories and need stable operation. A V-belt is a device that transmits motor power to a load, and its tension decreases with prolonged use, which degrades the motor efficiency and causes such abnormalities as wear and cracks. The timing of belt replacement when the belt tension decreases is presently determined by regular inspections. An automatic diagnosis of belt-tension decrease is required to lower labor costs. One automatic diagnosis method applies FFT analysis to the phase current that is applied to the motor and focuses on the signal intensity at a specific frequency. Since this method can only detect belt tension after it has progressed, early detection is necessary. Our new method using motor phase current enabled early detection of belt-a tension decrease.  

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fault detection, V-belt, looseness, current, FFT

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