Model Based and Big Data Enabled Predictive Maintenance Capability Development Experience



Published Sep 4, 2023
Mark Mazarek Darren Macer Changzhou Wang


Airplane health management and predictive maintenance have been in place for many years and has been implemented across the industry on various platforms with some success and some challenges. Predictive maintenance leaders have a unique challenge of developing talent pipelines, technology focus areas, balanced with delivery of prognostic insights to customers. This paper will discuss strategies, lessons learned for how to build, grow and sustain a team of engineers, data scientists, software developers and others focused on delivering aerospace prognostic insights. It will also consider how to implement metrics for measuring performance such that the team is persistent, and motivated in their endeavors.    
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Predictive Maintenance Leadership, Predictive Maintenance talent pipeline, Predictive Metrics

Yuan, J. (2022). Boeing Operationalized Aircraft Predictive Maintenance. AAAI Fall Symposia Series on Artificial Intelligence for Predictive Maintenance. Nov 19, 2022
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