Battery State-of-Health Aware Path Planning for a Mars Rover



Published Oct 26, 2023
Mariana Salinas-Camus Chetan Kulkarni Marcos Orchard


A rover mission consists of visiting waypoints to gather scientific samples based on set requirements. However, rovers face operational uncertainties during the mission, affecting the performance of its electrical and mechanical components and overall mission success. Hence, it is critical to have a decision-making framework that is aware of the health state of the components when planning the path of the vehicle. In particular, battery degradation, and consequently the battery State of Health (SOH), can affect the optimality of decisions made by the autonomous system in the long term. This paper presents a decision-making system that incorporates information on the energy drawn from the battery (based on the velocity of the vehicle), terrain conditions, and model-based prognostic modules to assess impact on the battery state of charge (SoC). The decision-making system was formulated as a Markov Decision Process (MDP) to reach the goal destination by sending commands in a determined amount of time, while maintaining the battery SoC within the policy stated. The MDP problem was programmed using the open-source framework POMDPs.jl, which has a variety of online and offline solvers. To solve the MDP problem online, we used Monte Carlo Tree Search (MCTS). Results from simulations demonstrate the effect that battery degradation and charging plans have on decision-making.

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Salinas-Camus, M., Kulkarni, C., & Orchard, M. (2023). Battery State-of-Health Aware Path Planning for a Mars Rover. Annual Conference of the PHM Society, 15(1).
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Battery Health, State-of-Charge, State-of_Health, Decision Making

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