Integrated Vehicle Health Monitoring on a Truck



Published Oct 28, 2022
Eric Bechhoefer Joelle Kessler


There have been few practical of integrated vehicle health monitoring systems for ground vehicles. Once of the challenges of this application is the high dynamics of the engine/transmission and the non-fixed ratio of the transmission, and the drivetrain in general. Further, because of the drivetrain differential, there is no fixed ratio from the input of the differential to the drive wheels. The paper covers the development of a vibration-based vehicle health monitoring system for a truck, and some results of a 1000-mile test run on the system.

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Bechhoefer, E., & Kessler, J. (2022). Integrated Vehicle Health Monitoring on a Truck. Annual Conference of the PHM Society, 14(1).
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PHM, Ground Vehicle Monitoring, Tach from Vibration, Regime Recognition

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