Remaining Useful Life Calculation of a Component using Hybrid Fatigue Crack Model



Published Nov 24, 2021
Eric Bechhoefer Lei Xiao Xinghui Zhang


High value asset vehicles, or vehicles where safety/operational readiness is important, benefit from an accurate remaining useful life (RUL) estimate. For these assets, RUL allows operators to realize increase revenue because of improved availability. This paper uses a hybrid algorithm based on two high cycle fracture mechanics models: a linear elastic fracture mechanics model, and the dislocation theory fracture mechanic model. Additionally, the hybrid model uses two separate Kalman filters to linearize the nonlinear component degradation process resulting in an improved RUL estimate. The hybrid model’s performance is validated using prognosability, trendability and monotonicity against the two existing models using a real-world data set. The improved hybrid model allows a longer prognostic time horizon over which to marshal the resources needed for repair and give operations personnel an extended window to bring other assets to cover missions that would otherwise be unavailable.

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Bechhoefer, E., Xiao, L., & Zhang, X. . (2021). Remaining Useful Life Calculation of a Component using Hybrid Fatigue Crack Model. Annual Conference of the PHM Society, 13(1).
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PHM, RUL, Fracture Analysis, Hybrid Model, Hypothesis Testing

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