Initial Condition Monitoring Experience on a Wind Turbine



Published Sep 23, 2012
Eric Bechhoefer Mathew Wadham-Gagnon Bruno Boucher


The initial installation of a condition monitoring system (CMS) on a utility scale wind turbine produced a number of unexpected results. The CMS was installed on the TechnoCentre éolien Repower MM92. The installation allowed testing of a MEMS (microelecctromechanical system) based sensor technology and allowed and in-depth analysis of vibration data and revolutions per minute (RPM) data. A large 3/revolution effect, due to tower shadow and wind shear, required the development of an enhanced time synchronous average algorithm. The ability to easily measured changes in main rotor RPM, as a result of tower shadow and wind shear phenomenology, may also facilitate the detection of icing or blade pitch error.

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Bechhoefer, E., Wadham-Gagnon, M., & Boucher, B. (2012). Initial Condition Monitoring Experience on a Wind Turbine. Annual Conference of the PHM Society, 4(1).
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condition monitoring, Wind Turbine, time synchronous average, wind shear

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