A Novel Prognostics and Health Management Framework to Extract System Health Requirments in the Oil and Gas Industry



Published Jun 26, 2024
Khalid Alfahdi Hakan Gultekin Emad Summad


The paramountcy of Prognostics and Health Management (PHM) within the oil and gas sector is instrumental in ensuring safety, reliability, and economic efficiency by optimizing system availability. However, a prevalent industrial challenge is the lack of a comprehensive identification of health management requirements from actual operational situations. This study introduces an innovative Prognostics and Health Management Framework (PHMF), encompassing a methodical procedure to discern health management necessities systematically. The PHMF consolidates structured causal factors, foundational elements of functional failure, and the antecedents of unplanned downtime, which collectively inform the PHM strategy.
This framework offers an integrated view of multiple dimensions of system health, facilitating accurate portrayal and proactive monitoring. It particularly underscores a reverse engineering approach to scrutinize the root causes of system failures and unexpected operational halts. To validate the practicality and efficacy of the PHMF, it has been applied to a real-world scenario: a lubrication oil system within a gas turbine equipment, thereby elucidating the specific PHM strategy prerequisites.

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PHM, Oil and Gas, Framework, strategy, Reliability, asset management, functional failure, Downtime

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