A Prognostics Framework for Power Semiconductor IGBT Modules through Monitoring of the On-State Voltage



Published Sep 22, 2019
Nicolas Degrenne Chihiro Kawahara Stefan Mollov


This paper presents a literature review and an overview of original contributions on diagnostic and prognostic technologies for IGBT power modules based on the monitoring of the on-state voltage (Von). 

First, different kinds of Von sensing circuits are discussed in terms of specifications, implementation, performance and cost. A low-cost and practical circuit is experimentally demonstrated. Then, a method is presented and evaluated for estimating wire-bond degradation. Wire-bond lift-off is the most common wear-out mechanism for industrial power semiconductor IGBT modules. It is effectively detected by measuring Von at the Zero Temperature Coefficient (ZTC) current value. Next, a method is presented to estimate the die temperature. Knowing the die temperature allows estimating the thermo-mechanical stress imposed to the wire-bonds. It is demonstrated to be feasible with ±3°C accuracy/precision using after careful calibration of Von as a Temperature Sensitive Electrical Parameter (TSEP). Finally, an algorithm is presented to process the information generated from the monitoring of Von and estimate the Remaining Useful Life (RUL). It considers Von evolution prior the first wire-bond lift-off and it combines both condition-based and damage accumulation based predictions.

The major contribution of this paper is to present, for the first time, a complete framework for diagnostics and prognostics of power semi-conductor IGBT modules.

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Degrenne, N., Kawahara, C., & Mollov, S. (2019). A Prognostics Framework for Power Semiconductor IGBT Modules through Monitoring of the On-State Voltage. Annual Conference of the PHM Society, 11(1). https://doi.org/10.36001/phmconf.2019.v11i1.829
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IGBT; power semi-conductor; diagnostics; prognostics; Von sensor; temeprature estimation; degradation; damage accumulation model based; condition based

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