Fault Diagnosis and Prognosis Based on Deep Belief Network and Particle Filtering



Published Sep 24, 2018
Guangxing Niu Shije Tang Zhichao Liu Guangquan Zhao Bin Zhang


Fault diagnosis and prognosis (FDP) plays more and more important role in industries FDP aims to estimate current fault condition and then predict the remaining useful life (RUL). Based on the estimation of health state and RUL, essential decisions on maintenance, control, and planning can be conducted optimally in terms of economy, efficiency, and availability. With the increase of system complexity, it becomes more and more difficult to model the fault dynamics, especially for multiple interacting fault modes and for fault modes that are affected by many internal and external factors. With the development of machine learning and big data, deep learning algorithms become important tools in FDP due to their excellent performance in data processing, information extraction, and automatic modeling. In the past a few years, deep learning algorithms demonstrate outstanding performance in feature extraction and learning fault dynamics. As emerging techniques, their powerful learning capabilities attract more and more attentions and have been extended to various applications. This work presents a novel diagnosis and prognosis methodology which combined deep belief networks (DBNs) and Bayesian estimation. In the proposed work, the DBNs are trained offline using available historical data. The fault dynamic model is then represented by the trained DBNs and modeling uncertainty is described by noise. The integration of DBNs with particle filtering is then developed to provide an estimation of the current fault state and predict the remaining useful life, which is very suitable and efficient for most nonlinear fault models. Experimental studies of lithium-ion batteries are presented to verify the effectiveness of the proposed solution.

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Niu, G., Tang, S., Liu, Z., Zhao, G., & Zhang, B. (2018). Fault Diagnosis and Prognosis Based on Deep Belief Network and Particle Filtering. Annual Conference of the PHM Society, 10(1). https://doi.org/10.36001/phmconf.2018.v10i1.540
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Diagnosis, Prognosis, Particle filtering, deep belief networks

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