Special Issue on Advanced Diagnostics and Prognostics for Automotive Systems



Published Feb 13, 2023
Yilu Zhang Rasoul Salehi Shiyu Zhou Xiaodong Jia Jason Siegel


This special issue on Advanced Diagnostics and Prognostics for Automotive Systems provides an opportunity to discuss recent advances in different topics related to modern automotive systems. The topics include model-based monitoring algorithm for diesel vehicle aftertreatment system, air-path health management strategy for estimation of the mass flows and mitigation of the air-path faults, early detection of anomalies in fuel system evaporative and purge systems leveraging vehicles connectivity, review of intelligent maintenance of EVs at both component level and system level to identify existing gaps in EVs DnP, detection and isolation of ground connection faults in electronic control units, root cause detection of defects in arc stud welding that is used to join automotive structures, machine learning based anomaly detection framework demonstrated on the hydraulic system of electric off-road vehicles, and signal abstraction to assist fast root-cause detection of large scale control systems.

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