Intelligent Fault Diagnosis of Synchromesh Gearbox Using Fusion of Vibration and Acoustic Emission Signals for Performance Enhancement



Published Jun 1, 2019
T Praveenkumar M Saimurugan K I Ramachandran


Condition monitoring system monitors the system degradation and it identifies common failure modes. Several sensor signals are available for monitoring the changes in system components. Vibration signal is one of the most extensively used technique for monitoring rotating components as it identifies faults before the system fails. Early fault detection is the significant factor for condition monitoring, where Acoustic Emission ( AE ) sensor signals have been applied for early fault detection due to their high sensitivity and high frequency. In this paper, vibration and acoustic emission signals are acquired under various simulated gear and bearing fault conditions from the synchromesh gearbox. Then the statistical features are extracted from vibration and AE signals and then the prominent features are selected using J48 decision tree algorithm respectively. The best features from the vibration and AE signals are then fused using feature-level fusion strategy and it is classified using Support Vector Machine ( SVM ) and Proximal Support Vector Machine ( PSVM ) classifiers and it is compared with individual signals for fault diagnosis of the synchromesh gearbox. From the experiments, it is observed that the performance of the fault diagnosis system has been improved for the proposed feature level fusion technique compared to the performance of unfused vibration and AE feature sets.

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Fault diagnosis, Vibration signal, Acoustic Emission signal, Feature level fusion

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