On Continuing Professional Development for Prognostics and Health Management Practitioners



Published Nov 1, 2020
Jeff Bird


The Prognostics and Health Management Society has as one its principles the advancement of PHM as an engineering discipline. A key factor in this advancement would be helping PHM practitioners to be life-long learners and professionals. The following professional organizations are surveyed to compile best practices in the domain of Continuing Professional Development (CPD): Professional Engineers and Geoscientists, Medical Doctors, Lawyers, Vibration Specialists and Aircraft Mechanics. Key aspects of these systems are compiled covering accepted activities, requirements and features relevant to the PHM domain. A proposed PHM CPD Guideline is presented for discussion. The framework includes a PHM CPD Basis for Recognition, Recommended PHM CPD Activity Types, Quantitative Goals, and Guidelines for Use. In addition, several issues are presented that should be addressed if and when such a system is considered. A way forward is proposed to include evaluation by the PHM Society in a workshop at the Annual Conference of the PHM Society.

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Professional development

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