Model Based Approach for Identification of Gears and Bearings Failure Modes



Renata Klein Eduard Rudyk Eyal Masad Moshe Issacharoff


This paper describes the algorithms that were used for analysis of the PHM‟09 gear-box. The purpose of the analysis was to detect and identify faults in various components of the gear-box. Each of the 560 vibration recordings presented a different set of faults, including distributed and localized gear faults, typical bearing faults and shaft faults. Each fault had to be pinpointed precisely. In the following sections we describe the algorithms used for finding faults in bearings, gears and shafts, and the conclusions that were reached. A special blend of pattern recognition and signal processing methods was applied. Bearings were analyzed using the orders representation of the envelope of a band pass filtered signal and an envelope of the de-phased signal. A special search algorithm was applied for bearing feature extraction. The diagnostics of the bearing failure modes was carried out automatically. Gears were analyzed using the order domains, the quefrency of orders, and the derivatives of the phase average.

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