Prognostics As-A-Service: A Scalable Cloud Architecture for Prognostics A Scalable Cloud Architecture for Prognostics



Published Sep 22, 2019
Jason Watkins Christopher Teubert John Ossenfort


Comprehensive aircraft system health-state awareness is crit- ical for maintaining safe, efficient growth in global oper- ations, enabling higher levels of autonomy, and facilitat- ing new forms of aviation. Maintainers, vehicle operators, air traffic controllers, dispatchers, pilots, autonomous sys- tems, and other decision-makers must have reliable real-time knowledge of the vehicle health, the health of its critical com- posite systems, predictions of how health changes with time, and forecasts of how its capabilities change with health degra- dation to preserve safety and efficiency. Providing this infor- mation in a reliable manner in computationally constrained environments and across a wide range of vehicles and sys- tems continues to be a challenge. This challenge can be par- tially resolved through cloud computing, where the execu- tion of prognostic and diagnostic algorithms is performed on a network of remote servers hosted on the internet. NASA is developing a cloud computing service, Prognostics As-A- Service (PaaS), that explores the feasibility and challenges of cloud-enhanced prognostics. Though such a system has broad applicability, this research effort is focused on aviation applications.

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Watkins, J., Teubert, C., & Ossenfort, J. (2019). Prognostics As-A-Service: A Scalable Cloud Architecture for Prognostics: A Scalable Cloud Architecture for Prognostics. Annual Conference of the PHM Society, 11(1).
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Software Architecture, Prognostics, Software Design, DSSI, Java, Prototype, Battery Prognostics, System-Wide Safety

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