Novel Model-Based Decision Support System for Reliable Human Machine Systems in Complex Situations



Published Oct 29, 2022
Abderahman Bejaoui Chao He Dirk Söffker


Within human-machine systems the monitoring of human behavior contributes to the safety of the overall system. Detecting critical situations or observing human errors will allow to take over the guidance of systems by automation or to warn to affect the interaction operator/human.
In the project FernBin beside others the supervision of the captain’s actions in inland shipping is  addressed. The focus is to detect  human errors and also non- optimal behaviors.
Additionally  a reliability-based analysis of the captain’s actions will also enable a safer driving behavior and the reduction of accidents and dangerous situations due to suitable warning and interaction strategies of the supervision system.
In this contribution a Situation-Operator-Modeling (SOM) approach is used to describe the captain-vessel-interaction and to illustrate the captain’s behavior as a graph-based-model. As example a ‘Turn-around’ maneuver is considered. A SOM-based action space consisting of possible captain’s behaviors leading to a meaningful desired final situation is developed and applied to a ‘Turn-around’ maneuver. Using this approach a manifold of sequences can be generated describing the human interaction options.
Subsequently and online a modified CREAM approach (cognitive reliability and error analysis method) is used allowing the calculation of the human reliability performance score (HPRS), resulting to static reliability measures. The HPRS can be also assigned directly to the SOM-action space. In difference to previous developments this allows beside the deterministic supervision (SOM) also the individualized definition of the safest/most reliable action sequence as well as the opposite. Therefore an event-discretized behavior model situated supervision performance of the captain’s driving behavior with human reliability score numbers is established for the first time. As example the behavior of remotely operating captains of inland vessels is used as experimental example.

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Bejaoui, A., He, C., & Söffker, D. (2022). Novel Model-Based Decision Support System for Reliable Human Machine Systems in Complex Situations. Annual Conference of the PHM Society, 14(1).
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Reliability analysis, modified CREAM approach, Captain-vessel-interaction, Situation-Operator-Modeling, action space, situated supervision

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