Lessons Learned in Implementing a Practical Aircraft System Health Management (ASHM) Syste



Joshua Koelle Matthew Smith Peter Sulcs Greg Kacprzynski onda Walthall


Aircraft System Health Management (ASHM) is a web application used for Boeing 787® and Airbus A320® and A380® aircraft system monitoring by airlines and field engineers worldwide which also serves all existing Aircraft Condition Monitoring Function (ACMF) reports, Flight Deck Effects (FDE) records and aircraft metadata to UTC engineering teams to aid in efficient aftermarket support. This enables creation, testing and fielding of off-board diagnostics and prognostics modules of varying levels of sophistication, that convert this abundance of existing data into actionable and timely knowledge about a/c fleet health. ASHM encourages and promotes cross functional collaboration allowing those with the most subject matter expertise within the enterprise to access the field data they need to observe operational performance and to create, test and field modules that can actively diagnose and warn field service professionals of problems when and potentially before they arise. A practical case study related to monitoring of the novel Boeing 787® electromechanically driven distributed aircraft environmental systems is presented. This use case motivates a discussion of pragmatic lessons learned in the fielding of diagnostic and prognostics solutions.

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Koelle, J., Smith, M., Sulcs, P., Kacprzynski, G., & Walthall, onda. (2015). Lessons Learned in Implementing a Practical Aircraft System Health Management (ASHM) Syste. Annual Conference of the PHM Society, 7(1). https://doi.org/10.36001/phmconf.2015.v7i1.2710
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Asset health management, Condition Based Maintenance, Fleet Management

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