Aircraft Troubleshooting Optimization Using Case-based Reasoning and Decision Analysis



Published Nov 3, 2020
Gustavo Borba Evangelista Guilherme Conceição Rocha Wlamir Olivares Loesch Vianna


The Fault Isolation Manual (FIM) can be seen as a specialist system that carries the expectations and expertise of engineers and technical team concerning the aircraft components and systems operation. It is basically a manual that supports the maintainers regarding the actions to perform in determined situations to properly isolate a fault. Although the FIM is the most common tool that assists maintainer on the troubleshooting process today, it does not adequately consider field experience and it does not explore situations where the maintenance operator has limited resources, such as a lack of tools and equipment. These drawbacks are essentially caused by the lack of flexibility or adaptability of this method since it is a static manual. There are several dynamic methods studied in the field of system troubleshooting and aircraft maintenance such as Artificial Neural Networks, Support Vector Machine, K Nearest Neighbor and many other machine learning algorithms. These techniques are considered very powerful and useful; however, the training process of the data-driven strategies requires a large amount of data to provide a reliable result.

In this context, the present work proposes a combination of data-driven with legacy knowledge-based approaches. The following techniques are employed to integrate the concepts mentioned: decision trees that explore the legacy knowledge with its topology based on the FIM, truth tables and decision analysis that explores Bayes’ rule to assist the decision- making process and case-based reasoning, technique that enables the learning from the field experience.

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Borba Evangelista, G., Conceição Rocha, G., & Olivares Loesch Vianna, W. (2020). Aircraft Troubleshooting Optimization Using Case-based Reasoning and Decision Analysis. Annual Conference of the PHM Society, 12(1), 8.
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troubleshooting, case-based reasoning, decision analysis, optimization, fault isolation manual, aircraft maintenance

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