Equivalent Accelerated Degradation Test Plans in a Nonlinear Random Coefficients Models



Published Jul 14, 2017
Seong-joon Kim Suk Joo Bae


Design of optimal Accelerated Degradation Testing (ADT) plan has been extensively researched over several decades. In practice, due to the rapidly changing development and assessment environment, pre-established plans often fail to meet reality. Therefore, designing a test plan that is equivalent to the target plan using an different stress-loading or a testing condition is needed to allow for more flexibility. However, there exists currently little work in the development of equivalent ADT plan. In this paper, we proposes an equivalent cost-effective accelerated degradation test (ADT) plan in the context of a nonlinear random-coefficients model. The proposed model is applied to a well-known constant-stress ADT problem in the literature.

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