Numerical evaluation of ABS parts fabricated by fused deposition modeling and vapor smoothing



Sung-Uk Zhang


Fused deposition modeling (FDM) is one of the popular 3D printing technologies due to an inexpensive extrusion machine and multi-material printing. However, FDM could only use thermoplastics such as ABS and PLA and has a problem related to the post-processing. In this study, the
mechanical properties of ABS parts fabricated by FDM were measured. The ABS parts were divided into one with vapor smoothing process and the other without the vapor smoothing process which is one of the the post-processing methods. Using dynamic mechanical analysis (DMA) and
dilatometer, temperature-dependent storage modulus and CTE for ABS specimens were observed. Based on the measured thermo-mechanical properties of ABS parts, finite element analysis was performed for an automotive bumper made of ABS. Moreover, response surface methodology
was applied to study the relationship among design parameters of thickness of the bumper, ambient temperature, and application of the vapor smoothing process. In result, a design guideline for a ABS product could be provided without time-consuming experiments.

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