Research on the Degradation Model of the Clamping Device Based on CAE Simulation and Data-driven



Yu Li Kang Rui Zhang Bin Wang Yansong


The paper is based on PHM oriented design and modeling of durability testing for clamping devices. The testing scheme is made out through the Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) simulation result and the degradation model is studied by Data-driven according to the test data. Based on the analysis of main failure mode and mechanism, it is concluded that the reason of clamping device cracking is fatigue which caused by the cycle force. The durability test is conducted by CAE simulation analysis, and the strain data of the device have been collected by the NI data acquisition equipment. Based on the collected data, Data-driven method is used to model the high-cycle fatigue degradation caused by the cycle force. And with the comparison among different regression models, we selected the appropriate one which will provide theoretical support for PHM management of similar machines. In applications, by updating this model with actual degradation data of the target device, can monitor the health state and predict the remaining service life of the target device. So that the actively predictive maintenance can be done and the failure can be avoided.

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