Research on Fault Detection Method for Tire Dynamic Balance Measuring System Based on Correlation Analysis



Liu Yueyue Li Xiaoyang Liu Deng Chen Wenbin


Application of correlation analysis method was studied in fault detection of dynamic balance measuring system. The test data reproducibility in dynamic balance measuring system is a key index of the system’s reliability, there are
many influencing factors and all of them are with relevance, which make it difficult to troubleshoot the factors that affect the reproducibility of test data in practical project, this has been restricting the development of tire dynamic
balance measuring systems. The method of correlation analysis was used to the fault detection for tire dynamic balance measuring system by the first time. The sensitive factors of test data repeatability in dynamic balance measuring system was obtained through the correlation analysis of the measured data in the measuring system, and the measuring system was optimized according to the analysis results, then a series of tests were arranged in the optimized system to verify the correctness of the correlation analysis, thus clarifying the important role of correlation analysis in fault detection.

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