Requirements for Prognostics System to Improve Business Process of Machinery Maintenance Service



Masakazu Hori Takuya Oyama Makoto Imamura


The number of companies that provide "predictive maintenance service” is increasing. If we can detect the sign of machinery failure from the collected data by IoT technologies, we exchange the parts or repair them in advance. By predictive maintenance service, people in a plant get merits to avoid great losses by unexpected troubles such as a sudden machinery failure, a manufacturing line stop and so on. As for maintenance service providers, they
have such merits that they can maintain a machinery systematically and provide maintenance service by a limited number and skill of maintenance engineers. In this paper, we firstly show the main processes for preventive maintenance service and predictive maintenance service, and then compare them and show the differences. In predictive maintenance, we have no regular manual inspection conducted in a preventive maintenance. We anticipate a maintenance task by the monitoring results of a machinery condition and make a plan for the task. To solve the issues concerning preventive maintenance service provision, we propose not only the requirements for
basic functionalities of prognostics system, but also the operational requirements for continuous service provision and the non-functional requirements to guarantee safe usage.

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