Optimization of Creep Rupture Life Prediction for A231 T91 Alloy Steel Using Kriging Surrogate Model



Y.-H. Huh H. Lee C. Park S. Bae N.H Kim


Creep rupture life prediction for the A231 T91 alloy steel has been optimized using the Kriging surrogate model. Creep rupture data published by NIMS data sheet was used in this optimization, and isothermal creep rupture life-stress and TTP(Time-Temperature Parameter)-stress curves were optimized with Kriging model. The creep rupture data having the rupture life of less than 10,000 hours was interpolated with the K海ing surrogate model and the
Kriging extrapolation to the creep life of 100,000 hours was verified by comparing with experimental data. It was found that the Kriging model could fit to the data within 3% of relative error. Furthermore, the Kriging surrogate model was compared to Wilshire, Manson-Brown, Manson-Haferd, and MCX models. It can be found that the creep rupture stress extrapolated to 100,000 hours by Kriging surrogate showed a relatively good accuracy and uncertainty of 4% - 16%.

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