A Study on the Characteristic of Stator Winding Degradation Process and Its Life Estimation of Induction Motors



Viethung Nguyen Danwei Wang Jeevanand Seshadrinath Abhisek Ukil Vinay Jaiswal Nishant Verma Viswanathan Vaiyapuri Sivakumar Nadarajan


This paper presents an analysis on the characteristics of the stator winding degradation process. A diagnostic and prognostic parameter, which is derived using the sequence component approach, is proposed. It is estimated using only the measurements of voltages and currents, which are easily obtained, and hence, the method can be implemented in real-time applications. A test is designed for generating stator winding inter-turn fault and accelerating it.  The characteristic of the degradation process based on the prognostic parameter is discussed. The collected data is modeled and the remaining useful life (RUL) is estimated.

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