Parameter Estimation Using Particle Filter for Induction Machines under Inter-Turn Fault



Viethung Nguyen Danwei Wang Jeevanand Seshadrinath Abhisek Ukil Viswanathan Vaiyapuri Sivakumar Nadarajan


Parameter estimation has found its applications in various domains. In this paper, it is applied for fault severity estimation. A method, using particle filter approach, for estimating unknown constant fault parameters in stator winding inter-turn short is proposed. These parameters are insulation resistance and percentage of shorted turns. The method uses only measurements of stator voltages and currents. In order to effectively estimate the parameters, firstly, a sequence components-based approach is applied to derive an equality constraint on the magnitude of a state variable, which works as additional information for estimation algorithm based on state-state model. Secondly, the variance reduction technique is applied to increase the accuracy of the method.

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