Development of Easy Maintenance Assistance Solution (EMAS) for Gas Turbine



Published Jul 14, 2017
Jayoung Ki Myoungcheol Kang


The solution was developed for the maintenance decision support of combined cycle power plant gas turbine. The developed solution provides the calculated result of optimal overhaul interval through the following modules: Overhaul Interval Prediction, Real Time Performance Monitoring, Model-Based Diagnostics, Performance Trend Analysis, Compressor Washing Period Management, and Blade Path Temperature Analysis. Model-Based Diagnostics module analyzed the differences between the data of MHI501G gas turbine performance model and the online measurement. Gas turbine performance model can be modified by the type of gas turbine of each combined cycle power plant. Compressor washing management module suggests the optimal point of balancing between the compressor performance and the maintenance cost. The predicted results of compressor washing period and overhaul period are able to support the operators in combined cycle power plant to make a proper decision of maintenance task. The developed solution was applied to MHI501G gas turbine and is, in present, on the process of field test at Gunsan combined cycle power plant, South Korea.

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