A Study on the Improvement of Reliability of High-Performance Hydraulic Servo Actuator



Yong-Bum Lee Tae-Seok Kim


A tension-compression fatigue testing equipment is broadly used to secure the reliability of the components related to mechanics, automobiles, electronics and materials. This test equipment has the proper characteristics, varying the loads, displacements, and frequencies, for the acceleration life test of mechanical components. Also, this has used the hydraulic servo actuator for operation, which is required higher performance and durability than any other types of equipment. The functions and durability of the hydraulic servo actuator of the test equipment were backed up and have occurred the failures by overloaded, because of extending the operation life of the components due to the reliability improvement, increasing the accelerated load condition due to the extended operation environments, the life test time, and test frequency. This study analyzed the failure reasons for the hydraulic servo actuator of the tension-compression fatigue testing equipment requiring extended durability and introduced the examples improved on the reliability through the fundamental solutions.

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