A Study on Noise Reduction of PTO Gear-box for Driving Pump of Large Excavator



Han-Ju Yoo Jong-Jik Lee Yong-Bum Lee Byung-Oh Choi Tae-Seok Kim


A PTO gearbox ("gearbox") is designed to be mounted on a construction vehicle to convey power from the engine to multiple pumps. The gearbox uses oil bath lubrication, which often experiences a disruption in the supply of
lubricant inside the gearbox. Poor lubrication in any gearing system is a major cause of a drop in its efficiency, which is often displayed in the form of heat or noise. This study describes a technology that can reduce noise by making splash lubricant inside the gearbox fall down along the wall like a curtain and measures its performance through comparison. Measurement of noise was made under no-load condition and load condition. For the former, measurement was made while the servo motor was used for driving to minimize noise from the equipment. For the load test, the noise from the equipment was unavoidable because an electrical dynamometer had to be used to control the load, but a comparison was made against the measured noise to determine where there had been any impact. If any impact was identified, a correction would be applied for the noise measured.

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