Life Prediction of Bearing for the Drive Train of a Wind Turbine



Published Jun 30, 2018
Yun-Ho Seo


A wind turbine is a representative machine with varying rotational speed because unpredictable natural wind is a locomotive force of the rotation. Major mechanical components of the drive train such as bearings encounter varying and irregular loadings in accordance with the variation of the rotational speed. Therefore, the varying and irregular loadings are a critical factor to be considered for the life prediction of the bearings. The degradation processes for constant and varying loadings are measured in order to evaluate the characteristics. An efficient index to stand for the state of bearing is also suggested in the combination of measured vibration, temperature and torque. Then, two methods, which can be used with and without model information respectively, are proposed to predict the life in the case of varying loading. The proposed methods are validated for the several experimental results and expected for the practical application of condition monitoring.

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Seo, Y.-H. (2018). Life Prediction of Bearing for the Drive Train of a Wind Turbine. PHM Society European Conference, 4(1).
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Bearing, Life prediction, Bayesian, Curve-fitting

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