Spall size estimation in bearing races based on vibration analysis



Published Jul 5, 2016
G. Kogan E. Madar R. Klein J. Bortman


Rolling element bearings are essential components of rotating machinery. Therefore, preventing bearing failure is a subject of great interest. Effective failure prevention requires maintenance decisions that are based on both detection of bearing faults and estimation of the fault severity. Since spalling of raceways is a common bearing failure mechanism, the objective of this study is to estimate the spall width by using vibration analysis.
The ball-spall interaction of faults in both the inner and outer races was studied using a dynamic model of bearings. A new algorithm for determination of the spall width is proposed based on physical insights from the dynamic model. Experimental results are used to validate this algorithm in the case of faults in the outer race.

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Kogan, G., Madar, E., Klein, R., & Bortman, J. (2016). Spall size estimation in bearing races based on vibration analysis. PHM Society European Conference, 3(1).
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