A Prognostic Framework For Electromagnetic Relay Contacts



Published Jul 8, 2014
Andrew J Wileman Suresh Perinpanayagam


Electromagnetic relays provide a well proven solution to switching loads in a variety of applications. However, relays are known for their limited reliability due to mechanical wear of internal switching elements, essentially the life of the relay may be determined by the life of the contacts. Failure to trip, spurious tripping and contact welding, can in critical applications such as control systems in avionics and signaling for rail networks, cause significant costs due to downtime as well as safety implications. Prognostics provides a way to assess the remaining useful life of an electromagnetic relay based on its current state of health.
In this paper, the cause of failure and degradation for electromagnetic relays used in avionic power controllers are examined. A first principle model of an electromagnetic relay, including contact wear is proposed. The degradation observations and measurements form the basis for developing a model based remaining useful life prediction algorithm. Our overall aim is to derive a simple but accurate model of the relays contact degradation, and provide prediction of performance changes within the component.

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Wileman, A. J., & Perinpanayagam, S. (2014). A Prognostic Framework For Electromagnetic Relay Contacts. PHM Society European Conference, 2(1). https://doi.org/10.36001/phme.2014.v2i1.1531
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Electronic PHM, IVHM, Relays

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