Wireless, Non-invasive, Asset Life-cycle Monitoring System



Published Sep 24, 2018
Mark Younghoon Kim Kevin Farinholt Jeff Demo James Eno Hunter Long Ethan Thompson


Exposure to harsh environments during storage, transportation, and handling can have significant effect on various system assets, making it important to understand the full life-cycle exposure of sensitive equipment. To quantify a system’s status timeline, a wireless, intelligent, low-power life-cycle monitoring device is being developed. No current monitoring systems have the capability to measure environmental conditions experienced by an asset and use that data to determine time spent in various states such as storage, transportation, handling and deployment. The sensor system being developed will employ a multi-modal sensing approach that will provide on-device analysis of the various parameters such as acceleration, temperature, and other environmental conditions for the duration of asset storage, handling, and distribution. Extremely low power and potentially easy to integrate into existing platforms, the monitoring system will include on-system intelligence for distinguishing between different statuses and is designed to use reliable, wireless, low-profile, and inexpensive sensing technologies. Embedded system intelligence is designed to use collected datasets to accurately quantify the asset’s current status and the amount of time spent within each state. The ability to monitor critical parameters and use them to classify this status throughout the asset’s life-cycle could provide some of the diagnostic information that would facilitate condition based maintenance. Engineers and operators can review exposure conditions and analyze how status and exposure effects contribute to the current condition of their equipment. The monitoring system will provide maintainers additional data points in assessing the historical use of the system.

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Kim, M. Y., Farinholt, K., Demo, J., Eno, J., Long, H., & Thompson, E. (2018). Wireless, Non-invasive, Asset Life-cycle Monitoring System. Annual Conference of the PHM Society, 10(1). https://doi.org/10.36001/phmconf.2018.v10i1.585
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Asset monitoring, low-power, wireless, Status monitoring, Health monitoring

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