Model-based Fault Diagnostics of Servo Valves



Published Sep 24, 2018
Turki Haj Mohamad Foad Nazari Chandrasekhar Nataraj


This paper presents the application of the Extended Phase Space Topology (EPST) method in model-based diagnostics of nonlinear systems. A detailed nonlinear mathematical model of a servo electro-hydraulic system has been used to demonstrate the procedure. Two faults have been considered associated with the servo valve including the increased friction between spool and sleeve and the degradation of the permanent magnet of the valve armature. The faults have been simulated in the system by the variation of the corresponding parameters in the model and the effect of these faults on the output flow response has been investigated. A regression-based artificial neural network has been developed and trained using the EPST extracted features to estimate the original values of the faulty parameters and to identify the severity of the faults in the system.

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Haj Mohamad, T., Nazari, F., & Nataraj, C. (2018). Model-based Fault Diagnostics of Servo Valves. Annual Conference of the PHM Society, 10(1).
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Servo valves, Parameter Estimation, Neural Network, Model-based Diagnostics

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