Generic Hybrid Models for Prognostics of Complex Systems



Published Oct 26, 2023
Kristupas Bajarunas


Hybrid models combining physical knowledge and machine learning show promise for obtaining accurate and robust prognostic models. However, despite the increased interest in hybrid models in recent years, the proposed solutions tend to be domain-specific. As a result, there is no compelling strategy of what, where, and how physics-derived knowledge can be integrated into deep learning models depending on the available representation of physical knowledge and the quality of data for the development of prognostic models for complex systems. This Ph.D. project aims to develop a general strategy for hybridizing prognostic models by exploring multiple methods to incorporate physical knowledge at various stages of the learning algorithm. The project will prioritize expert knowledge as the primary source of information, while domain-specific knowledge will serve as an additional feature when applicable.

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Bajarunas, K. (2023). Generic Hybrid Models for Prognostics of Complex Systems. Annual Conference of the PHM Society, 15(1).
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Hybrid models, Prognostics

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