PHM-enabled Production Planning and Control Process



Published Oct 28, 2022
Kevin Wesendrup


Production planning and control (PPC) and maintenance are two processes that need to be aligned to maximize performance. Unfortunately, both are often viewed separately and independently from each other. Further, Prognostics and Health Management (PHM) advances offer new ways to improve post-prognostics maintenance and PPC decision-making. However, how PHM should be integrated into the PPC process is not sufficiently researched. Consequently, this Ph.D. project aims to develop three artifacts: A PHM-enabled PPC reference process to pinpoint where companies can adopt PHM, a planning model framework to show how to integrate PHM, and a simulation model that facilitates assessment of the PHM-enabled PPC process and planning models. The artifacts will be developed using a design science approach with multiple subordinate research methods, such as literature reviews, expert interviews, simulation, and case studies.

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Production Planning and Control, Post-Prognostics Decision-Making, Reference Model, Simulation

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