Diagnosis as Planning Revisited: An Abridged Report



Shirin Sohrabi Jorge A. Baier Sheila A. McIlraith


In the spirit of past contributions to the formal characterization of diagnosis (e.g., (Reiter, 1987; de Kleer et al., 1992)) this paper presents a formal characterization of diagnosis of discrete dynamical systems, appealing to the situation calculus. It then proceeds to establish a correspondence between computing dynamical diagnoses and generating plans. It is this correspondence that we feel may be of particular interest to the DX community. Planning technology provides tailored representations and fast, efficient algorithms for automated plan generation. This paper shows how such technology can be brought to bear on the problem of generating diagnoses. Initial experiments support our claim that planning technology holds great promise for efficient generation of diagnoses.

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Sohrabi, S., A. Baier, J. ., & A. McIlraith, S. (2010). Diagnosis as Planning Revisited: An Abridged Report. Annual Conference of the PHM Society, 2(2). https://doi.org/10.36001/phmconf.2010.v2i1.1958
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diagnosis, Reasoning about action, Planning

(de Kleer et al., 1992) J. deKleer, A. K. Mackworth, and R. Reiter. Characterizing diagnoses and sys- tems. AIJ, 56(2-3):197–222, 1992.
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