Experimental study on torsional load of grid coupling



Dong Soo Jung Jong Cheol Kim Han Young Jung Seung Yong Lee


The coupling connects the drive shaft and the driven shaft, and the shaft is used in the industrial field by the power transmission device. The main functions of the coupling are largely divided into the function of transmitting the power and the function of protecting the mechanical system when the coupling member of the coupling is destroyed when an overload occurs between the driving shaft and the driven shaft. Grid coupling, which is one of the mechanical power transmission parts, is composed of hub, grid, seal, cover, etc. and has the characteristic of transmitting power at high speed and high torque. In general use conditions, elasticity of the grid has flexibility to twist generated in misalignment state such as impact load, axis error, parallel error, angular error caused in normal rotation or reverse rotation, and to reduce vibration and impact load to be. In addition, when the overload occurs, the grid is cut off and the transmission power is cut off to protect the equipment connected to the driving shaft and the driven shaft.

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